NAICS Code 333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing

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NAICS Code 333310 Description

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing commercial and service industry machinery, such as optical instruments and lenses (except ophthalmic), photographic and photocopying equipment, automatic vending machinery, commercial laundry and drycleaning machinery, office machinery, automotive maintenance equipment (except mechanics' handtools), and commercial-type cooking equipment.

NAICS Code 333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing is a final level code of the “Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing” Sector. There are 3,773 companies verified as active in this industry in the USA.

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Industry Examples of NAICS 333310

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing are:

  • Mail handling machinery, post office-type, manufacturing
  • Mechanisms for coin- or card-operated machines manufacturing
  • Microfiche equipment (e.g., cameras, projectors, readers) manufacturing
  • Microfilm equipment (e.g., cameras, projectors, readers) manufacturing
  • Microscopes (except electron, proton) manufacturing
  • Microwave ovens, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Mirrors, optical, manufacturing
  • Mop wringers manufacturing
  • Motion picture cameras manufacturing
  • Motion picture theater projectors manufacturing
  • Night vision optical devices manufacturing
  • Oil water separators manufacturing
  • Optical alignment and display instruments manufacturing
  • Optical gun sighting and fire control equipment and instruments manufacturing
  • Optical test and inspection equipment manufacturing
  • Ovens, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Overhead projectors (except computer peripheral) manufacturing
  • Ozone machines for water purification manufacturing
  • Periscopes manufacturing
  • Photocopying machines manufacturing
  • Photoflash equipment manufacturing
  • Photographic equipment manufacturing
  • Photographic lenses manufacturing
  • Postage meters manufacturing
  • Postage stamp vending machines manufacturing
  • Power washer cleaning equipment manufacturing
  • Prisms, optical, manufacturing
  • Projection equipment (e.g., motion picture, slide), photographic, manufacturing
  • Projection lenses manufacturing
  • Projection screens (i.e., motion picture, overhead, slide) manufacturing
  • Range finders, photographic, manufacturing
  • Ranges, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Readers, microfilm or microfiche, manufacturing
  • Reflectors, optical, manufacturing
  • Sanding machines, floor, manufacturing
  • Screens, projection (i.e., motion picture, overhead, slide), manufacturing
  • Sensitometers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Sewage treatment equipment manufacturing
  • Sights, telescopic, manufacturing
  • Snack and confection vending machines manufacturing
  • Soft drink vending machines manufacturing
  • Steam cookers, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Steam tables manufacturing
  • Stenography machinery manufacturing
  • Stoves, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Swimming pool filter systems manufacturing
  • Tanks, photographic developing, fixing, and washing, manufacturing
  • Teaching machines (e.g., flight simulators) manufacturing
  • Telescopes manufacturing
  • Theodolites manufacturing
  • Tire mounting machines, motor vehicle, manufacturing
  • Trash and garbage compactors, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Trays, photographic printing and processing, manufacturing
  • Tripods, camera and projector, manufacturing
  • Typewriters manufacturing
  • Vacuum cleaners, industrial and commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Vending machines manufacturing
  • Voting machines manufacturing
  • Wash water recycling machinery manufacturing
  • Washing machines, laundry (except household-type), manufacturing
  • Water heaters (except boilers), commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Water purification equipment manufacturing
  • Water softening equipment manufacturing
  • Water treatment equipment manufacturing
  • Word processing equipment, dedicated, manufacturing
  • Adding machines manufacturing
  • Aerial cameras manufacturing
  • Alignment equipment, motor vehicle, manufacturing
  • Balancing equipment, motor vehicle, manufacturing
  • Beauty and barber shop equipment (except chairs) manufacturing
  • Binding equipment (i.e., plastics or tape binding), office-type, manufacturing
  • Binoculars manufacturing
  • Blueprint equipment manufacturing
  • Brake service equipment (except mechanic's handtools), motor vehicle, manufacturing
  • Bundling machinery (e.g., box strapping, mail, newspaper) manufacturing
  • Calculators manufacturing
  • Camera lenses manufacturing
  • Cameras (except television, video) manufacturing
  • Canceling machinery, postal office-type, manufacturing
  • Car washing machinery manufacturing
  • Carnival and amusement park rides manufacturing
  • Carnival and amusement park shooting gallery machinery manufacturing
  • Carousels (i.e., merry-go-rounds) manufacturing
  • Carpet and floor cleaning equipment, electric commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Carpet sweepers, mechanical, manufacturing
  • Cash registers (except point of sales terminals) manufacturing
  • Central vacuuming systems, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Change making machines manufacturing
  • Check writing machines manufacturing
  • Cigarette vending machines manufacturing
  • Coffee makers and urns, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Coin counting machinery manufacturing
  • Coin- or card-operated vending machines manufacturing
  • Coin wrapping machines manufacturing
  • Collating machinery, office-type, manufacturing
  • Comparators, optical, manufacturing
  • Cooking equipment (i.e., fryers, microwave ovens, ovens, ranges), commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Corn popping machines, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Currency counting machinery manufacturing
  • Deep-fat fryers, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Densitometers (except laboratory analytical) manufacturing
  • Developing equipment, film, manufacturing
  • Dictating machines manufacturing
  • Digital cameras manufacturing
  • Dishwashing machines, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Driers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Drycleaning equipment and machinery manufacturing
  • Dryers, laundry (except household-type), manufacturing
  • Editing equipment, motion picture (e.g., rewinders, splicers, titlers, viewers), manufacturing
  • Enlargers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Envelope stuffing, sealing, and addressing machinery manufacturing
  • Exposure meters, photographic, manufacturing
  • Ferris wheels manufacturing
  • Film developing equipment manufacturing
  • Flash apparatus, photographic, manufacturing
  • Flight simulation machinery manufacturing
  • Floor sanding, washing, and polishing machines, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Food warming equipment, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Frame and body alignment equipment, motor vehicle, manufacturing
  • Garbage disposal units, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Gas ranges, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Gauges, machinist's precision tool, optical, manufacturing
  • Glasses, field or opera, manufacturing
  • Gratings, diffraction, manufacturing
  • Gun sighting and fire control equipment and instruments, optical, manufacturing
  • Gun sights, optical, manufacturing
  • Hair dryers, beauty parlor-type, manufacturing
  • Holepunchers (except hand operated), office-type, manufacturing
  • Hot beverage vending machines manufacturing
  • Hotplates, commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Ice cream vending machines manufacturing
  • Incoming mail handling equipment (e.g., opening, scanning, sorting) manufacturing
  • Instrument lenses manufacturing
  • Interferometers manufacturing
  • Laboratory analytical optical instruments (e.g., microscopes) manufacturing
  • Laundry extractors manufacturing
  • Laundry machinery and equipment (except household-type) manufacturing
  • Laundry pressing machines (except household-type) manufacturing
  • Lens coating (except ophthalmic)
  • Lens grinding (except ophthalmic)
  • Lens hoods, camera, manufacturing
  • Lens mounting (except ophthalmic)
  • Lens polishing (except ophthalmic)
  • Lenses (except ophthalmic) manufacturing
  • Letter folding, stuffing, and sealing machinery manufacturing
  • Light meters, photographic, manufacturing
  • Locks, coin- or card-operated, manufacturing
  • Loupes (e.g., jewelers) manufacturing
  • Magnifying glasses (except corrective vision-type) manufacturing
  • Magnifying instruments, optical, manufacturing


For some business types, there may be a similar industry to NAICS Code 333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing that is a better classification match. Manufacturing household-type appliances--are classified in NAICS Code 3352 - Household Appliance Manufacturing; Manufacturing and/or assembling electronic computers--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 334111 - Electronic Computer Manufacturing; Manufacturing computer terminals and other computer peripheral equipment (except storage devices), including point-of-sale terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs)--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 334118 - Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing; Manufacturing facsimile equipment--are classified in NAICS Code 334210 - Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing; Manufacturing radio and television broadcast equipment--are classified in NAICS Code 334220 - Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing; Manufacturing electron and proton microscopes--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 334516 - Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing; Manufacturing time clocks and time stamps--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 334519 - Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing; Manufacturing sensitized film, paper, cloth, and plates, toners, and prepared photographic chemicals--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 325992 - Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing; Manufacturing pencil sharpeners and staplers--are classified in NAICS Code 339940 - Office Supplies (except Paper] Manufacturing; Manufacturing coin- or card-operated arcade games--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 339999 - All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing; Manufacturing mechanics' handtools--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 332216 - Saw Blade and Handtool Manufacturing; Manufacturing ophthalmic focus lenses--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 339115 - Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing; Manufacturing molded plastics lens blanks--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 326199 - All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing; and Manufacturing molded glass lens blanks--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 327212 - Other Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware Manufacturing.

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  • How many active businesses operate in NAICS Code 333310?

    There are 3,773 verified business locations operating primarily in this industry.