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A SIC Code describes the primary business activity of a company. With more than 10,000 unique classifications, SIC codes have been extended to create the most accurate way to target businesses.

Businesses often use the SIC code lookup to identify companies within specific industries for marketing purposes. By determining the SIC code of their best clients, they can use this information to successfully acquire more customers within that industry.

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Questions & Answers

  • How To Find A Company’s SIC Code?

    SIC Codes are industry classification codes based on a company’s primary line of business. For SIC code lookup by company name and to find a company's SIC Code you can use our search function on top of every page and search for a business. Alternatively a search for that company's main competitors may help, if the company itself is not listed.

  • How many SIC codes can a company have?

    An establishment may only have one (1) Primary SIC code, which is determined by the industry classification that generates the highest revenue or value of shipments. An establishment that operates in more than one (1) activity may have additional Secondary SIC Codes.

  • What are some ways my business can use SIC Codes?

    The SIC Code lookup tool is valuable for nearly any company looking to increase revenue and profit. SIC Codes break down all of the various industries in existence into an organized classification system. When used correctly, companies can focus their marketing efforts on the industries that generate the highest return on investment. Integrating business lists built by specific industries, increases the focus of the campaign and removes wasteful broadstroke strategies. Here are some of the popular uses:

    • SIC Code business lists can be integrated into all of the top CRMs.
    • Identify your best clients' primary industry and target similar businesses.
    • Tap into a database of 15 million verified business records arranged by specific industries
    • Email campaigns, mailing campaigns, phone campaigns, and more...
  • What does NEC - Not Elsewhere Classified mean in certain SIC Code titles?

    In the SIC Code system, miscellaneous 3rd or 4th digit codes are usually designated with the term 'Not Elsewhere Classified'. These codes typically end in the number "9". The NEC codes are the residual classifications that do not usually constitute homogenous primary activity groups. Therefore, for the purpose of the SIC system, they are grouped and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group.
    Examples of Not Elsewhere Classified - NEC Codes in the SIC Code system.

  • How many SIC Codes are there?

    In the official U.S. Government SIC Code system, there are a total of 1,514 codes (included in the 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit levels). A very important part of the SIC Code system is that the U.S. Government had written into the SIC Code Manual that agencies could use additional subdivisions within specific four-digit industries to further break down industries. Private companies created 6, 7, and 8-digit SIC codes systems, which account for more specific sub-industries, as well as new and emerging industries. The SIC 6-Digit Codes, with over 10,000 individual code classifications that are being continually updated, offer more specific targeting options than government level NAICS Codes.

  • Can I change my Company's SIC Code?

    A SIC Code is self-classified and the primary code associated with your company can change as your business evolves. If you find a specific agency or government office is using a SIC Code that doesn’t apply to your business, it is best to contact that specific agency/office and request an update. Typically, agencies will use SIC Codes at the 4-digit U.S. Government level, but you may encounter 6, 7, or 8-digit classifications as well. The website provides a breakdown of each of these SIC Code systems to assist with your self-classification.