How Do I Find My SIC Code?

SIC Codes are industry classification codes that are self-selected based on a company’s primary line of business. It is important to select the correct SIC Code for your business for many reasons including: government statistical purposes, taxation, classification, state and federal registration, contracting, and proper identification for your business.

What is My SIC Code?

At, we provide the tools and resources needed to assist you in determining your SIC Code.

SIC - Primary Business Activity

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the primary business activity of an establishment is determined by relative share of production costs and/or capital investment. In practice, other variables, such as revenue, value of shipments, or employment, are used as proxies. The U.S. Census Bureau generally uses revenue or value of shipments to determine an establishment's primary business activity.

What is a Primary SIC Code?

Every company has a primary SIC Code. This number indicates a company’s primary line of business. A company’s primary SIC Code is determined by the code definition that generates the highest revenue for that company at a specific location in the past year.

SIC Code Lookup / Directory

This page offers two ideal ways to identify your primary line of business.

SIC Code Lookup

Enter in a keyword(s) that best describes your business.

SIC Code Lookup Search Box

The results will provide a list of code detail pages that offer in-depth coverage on every SIC Code industry.

SIC Code search result for metal

SIC Code Directory

The SIC Code Directory allows you to narrow-down from the more general (Top-Level 2-digit) SIC Codes and identify the 4-digit Code as well as the Extended 6-digit SIC Codes for your application and usage.

SIC Code Top Level Directory

In this example, we will click the Manufacturing Food and Kindred Products Top Level Category 20 and identify the Meat Packing Plants 4-digit SIC Code 2011. Notice the arrow at the top of the screen demonstrating that as you go from left to right on this hierarchy table, you will go from general to more specific levels of SIC Codes. The shaded blue boxes show you the direct parent of this code. Click on any of the code links to view the Code Detail Page.

Structure of SIC Code 20 - Food and Kindred Products

Code Detail Pages

On the Code Detail pages, you will find the Official Definition, Industry Examples, Cross-References, Top Companies in this industry, Extended SIC Codes, as well as other Related Code Systems.

Code Details Example for SIC Code 2011 - Meat Packing Plants

Once you determine your SIC Code at the 4-digit level, you can use this on Government applications as well as other business documentation.
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