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The List Builder displays the total number of company records available for your SIC/NAICS Code industry target for the entire country.

Business Information Includes

  • Company Name
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Business Location Address
  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • SIC Code / NAICS Code
  • Sales Volume
  • Employee Count
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Rating Score
  • Website Address
  • Square Footage
  • Public / Private
  • Years in Business
  • Lat / Long (optional)
  • Email (optional)
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Premium Support Included

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  • Business Lists

    Business Lists

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    Premium Data


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    Access Decision Makers

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    Target 40+ job titles from databases of over 40 million key executives.

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The List Builder displays the total number of company records available for your SIC Code industry target for the entire USA.

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After submitting your request, a personal Data Representative will be assigned to you and will handle all List Customization and Filtering options.

Popular List Filters

  • Geography - Select specific states, counties, ZIP codes
  • Sales Volumes Ranges - Filter based on specific sales volumes (Ex. Greater than $1million sales)
  • Employee Count Range - Filter based on employee counts (Ex. Less than 10 employees)
  • Business Status - Filter based on including/excluding from the following (Headquarters, Branches, Subsidiaries, Franchises)
  • Job Contact Titles - Filter based on specific Job Titles (Ex. Owner, President, COO, Sales Executive, etc.)
  • Many more options your Data Representative will gladly review with you
Additional Information

If you are sure of your List Filters, you can provide them in the 'Additional Information' form field.

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          Popular List Customizations Include:

          • Geography filters
          • Company Size (Employee Count/Sales Volume)
          • Contact/Job Titles
          • Include/Exclude: Headquarters, Branches, Subsidiaries, Franchises
          • And much more...

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