USA Business Lists

USA Mailing Lists for 10,000+ industries

USA Business Database Fast Facts

  • 15 Million Businesses
  • 40 Million Executive Contacts
  • 20 Million Executive Emails
  • 95% Accurate Data
  • Phone-Verified, NCOA Processed
  • Includes New Businesses
  • Continuously-Updated Database

Target by:

  • SIC Code/NAICS Code: Select any business type from machine shops to plumbers, lawyers to wholesalers. 10,000+ targeting options.
  • Geography: Narrow the focus of your list to a specific region, state, city, ZIP code, or radius.
  • Company Size: Would you like to only connect to small businesses or large companies? With filtering options by employee size and sales volume range, we will only include the company’s size of your choice in your list.
  • Public/Private: We can exclude public or private companies from complex list setups.

Additional Data Elements:

  • Emails: Do you require emails for the contacts in your list? Whether you include emails where available, include only records with emails, or include any emails for the contacts --- The choice is up to you!
  • Website URLS: Having the website for the company in your list provides a valuable way to gain more insight. We populate websites, where available in all lists.
  • Lat/Long: You will receive the Lat/Long coordinates for the business addresses for the companies in your list. This will assist if you plan to map the data.
  • Square Footage: This filtering options lets you narrow your target to the small, medium, or large size facility sizes.
  • Work at Home: If your data requirements are for medium and larger-sized companies, our filtering options can remove work at home businesses from your list.


  • Phone Verified - Every business in the list has been called on at least once a year.
  • NCOA Processing - Our lists are ready to be mailed – Expect at least 92% or higher for direct mail campaigns.
  • Sample List - Pulled at random, the sample is provided to each customer before every order.

About Us

We have been in the center of business data industry since 1998. Having the highest standards for data quality, accuracy, and customer service has allowed us to maintain this important position in assisting companies from newly established to industry leaders achieve success in this competitive world. As our investments in machine learning have expanded in recent years, you are still only a phone call or form submission away from a USA Data Specialist or Account Executive. Please reach out and let us show you how we can help your unique situation and provide the needed data for business success in this fast evolving 21st century.

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We needed a full list of companies within a specific SIC code in order to complete some target market analysis. provided a comprehensive data set to review and analyze. The delivery was fast and comprehensive. The experience was simple, straightforward, and met our needs - we would recommend. client client