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A SIC Code describes the primary business activity of a company. With more than 10,000 unique classifications, SIC codes have been extended to create the most accurate way to target businesses.

Businesses often use SIC codes to identify companies within specific industries for marketing purposes. By determining the SIC code of their best clients, they can use this information to successfully acquire more customers within that industry.

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Questions & Answers

  • How can I use Extended SIC Codes?

    The main usage of Extended SIC Codes is for target marketing purposes. Whether using the 6-digit system, the 7-digit system, or the 8-digit system, the Extended SIC Codes offer a more precise targeting option than either the 4-digit SIC or NAICS. While there are currently 1,066 industries in NAICS, there are over 10,000 industry code possibilities using the Extended SIC Code system. When requesting a business list, feel free to use whichever system is comfortable, as Business Data Specialists are well-versed in the mapping and cross-analysis of each of these systems. This will ensure you get the most precise targeted business list possible.

  • Why were Extended SIC Codes created?

    The U.S. Government was aware of certain limitations of the official 4-digit SIC Code system and allowed for the creation and usage of Extended SIC Codes by private companies and agencies. The business world seized on the opportunity to extend the SIC Code system and there are currently three separate but relatable Extended SIC Code systems in place - 6-digit, 7-digit, and 8-digit systems. The creation of these systems allowed marketers to focus their campaigns on a more precise level and avoid unnecessary costs; while devoting resources to the specific industries that matter. Another benefit of the Extended SIC Code system is the continuous updating of evolving and emerging industries by the Private industry, which occurs at a much quicker pace than the 5-year update of NAICS.