Why Do I Need A NAICS Code?

Every company in the USA is classified by a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code. How and why a NAICS Code is used can depend on the following:

  • Are you starting a new company?
  • Has your business changed from one specialty to another?Is your business engaged in government contracting or bids?
  • Do you need a DUNS number?
  • Are you registering your business in a directory or database?
  • Have you been asked to provide it to a state or government agency?
  • Has your accountant asked you to provide it for tax purposes?
  • Will a specific NAICS classification affect your company’s insurance premiums?

What is my NAICS Code?

The NAICS classification of a company begins when a company is registered. Over time, the classification for a company may change as its specialization changes. Therefore, a company must continue to update its NAICS Code to reporting agencies to reflect its current activity of business.

How to get a NAICS Code?

  • Do it yourself.  You can self-classify your business.
  • Research the industry classifications and select the correct classification codes that match your primary activity of business.
  • Ask for assistance. SICCODE.com has classification specialists with the knowledge to assist in proper NAICS code identification.

Do I really want to pay for this?

While we encourage businesses to conduct their own research, we are adamant that companies select the correct classifications. Inaccurate data and an incorrect selection of classification codes can have a profound effect on government contracting opportunities, tax incentives, and visibility in targeted industry databases.

Are you an established business?

  • Use Company Search to view your company's classification
  • For tax or government contracting, we strongly recommend to have your classification double verified

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