Why Do I Need A NAICS Code?

Updating your NAICS Code regularly is important to accurately reflect your current business activities and ensure you are eligible for any relevant benefits or opportunities.

Having the correct NAICS Code can help your business in various ways:

  1. Government Contracting: Many government agencies require businesses to have a NAICS Code to participate in bidding and contracting opportunities. By having the right code, you can ensure that your business is eligible for these opportunities and increase your chances of winning contracts.
  2. Tax Purposes: Your NAICS Code can affect how your business is taxed. Certain industries may have specific tax incentives or deductions, and having the correct code ensures that you are taking advantage of these benefits.
  3. Industry Research and Analysis: NAICS Codes are used by researchers, analysts, and marketers to categorize businesses and understand industry trends. By having the right code, your business can be accurately represented in industry reports and databases, increasing your visibility and potential for partnerships or collaborations.
  4. Business Directories: Many online directories and databases require businesses to provide a NAICS Code when registering. This allows potential customers or partners to find your business more easily and ensures that you are listed in the appropriate categories.
  5. Insurance Premiums: Some insurance companies use NAICS Codes to determine premiums for certain industries. Having the correct code can help you get accurate insurance quotes and potentially lower your premiums.
  6. DUNS Number: Obtaining a DUNS number, which is often required for government contracting and other business activities, may require a NAICS Code. Having the right code ensures a smooth process when obtaining a DUNS number.

    By understanding the importance of NAICS Codes and ensuring that your business has the correct code, you can maximize your opportunities, benefits, and visibility in your industry. It is worth investing the time and effort to research and select the appropriate code or seek assistance from classification specialists to ensure accuracy.

What is my NAICS Code?

The NAICS Code is a classification system used to categorize businesses based on their primary activity. It is assigned to a company when it is registered and may change over time as the company's specialization evolves. It is crucial for a company to update its NAICS Code with reporting agencies to accurately represent its current business activities.

How to get a NAICS Code?

There are two ways to obtain a NAICS Code: do it yourself or seek assistance from experts. If you choose to self-classify your business, you can research the industry classifications and select the appropriate code that matches your primary activity. However, it is highly recommended to ask for assistance from classification specialists like SICCODE.com. These experts have in-depth knowledge and can ensure proper identification of the NAICS Code for your business.

Do I really want to pay for this?

While we encourage businesses to conduct their own research, we strongly emphasize the importance of selecting the correct classifications. Inaccurate data and an incorrect selection of classification codes can have significant consequences, such as missed government contracting opportunities, loss of tax incentives, and limited visibility in targeted industry databases. Investing in the correct NAICS Code is essential for maximizing your business's potential.

Are you an established business?

If you are an established business, you can use Company Search to view your company's current classification. However, for tax or government contracting purposes, it is highly recommended to have your classification double verified by a classification specialist. This ensures that your business is accurately represented and eligible for any relevant benefits or opportunities.

  • Note: For tax or government contracting, we strongly recommend to have your classification double verified.

By understanding the significance of NAICS Codes and taking the necessary steps to obtain and update them, you can position your business for success. Whether you choose to self-classify or seek assistance, accuracy in selecting the correct NAICS Code is vital for unlocking government contracts, tax incentives, and increased visibility in your industry.

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