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A NAICS Code serves as a descriptor for a company's primary business activity, aiding in the classification of businesses into precise categories. With the extension of NAICS Codes to the 8-digit level, there are now over 11,000 unique classifications available. This expanded level of specificity allows for a more accurate categorization of businesses.

One practical application of NAICS Codes is in the realm of marketing. Businesses commonly utilize these codes to identify companies operating within specific industries. By identifying the NAICS code of their top clients, businesses can successfully target and acquire more customers within the same industry. This strategic approach enables them to tailor their marketing efforts, effectively reaching out to a niche audience and enhancing their overall business growth.

More About NAICS Codes

More About NAICS 8-Digit Codes

Questions & Answers

  • How many NAICS 8-Digit Codes are currently available?

    There are currently 11,800 NAICS 8-digit Codes available. These codes are regularly updated to include new and emerging industries.

  • What are the benefits of using NAICS 8-digit Codes for target marketing?

    Utilizing NAICS 8-digit codes allows for more precise targeting options. This enables you to focus specifically on the industries you want to target, resulting in a more effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy.

  • How frequently are NAICS 8-Digit Codes updated?

    The government updates NAICS Codes every 5 years. However, NAICS 8-digit codes are continuously updated to reflect the ever-changing business landscape and the emergence of new industries. Whenever the US Government updates the NAICS Codes, the NAICS 8-Digit Codes are modified accordingly at the 6-digit level to incorporate the changes.