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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing textile goods, not elsewhere classified, including linen goods, jute goods, felt goods, padding and upholstery filling and processed waste and recovered fibers and flock. Establishments primarily engaged in processing textile fibers to prepare them for spinning, such as wool scouring and carbonizing and combing and converting tow to top, are also classified here.


SIC Code 2299 - Textile Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 707 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 44,788 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 2299 - Textile Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified are:

  • Apparel filling: cotton mill waste, kapok, and related materials
  • Bagging, jute: made in jute weaving mills
  • Batts and batting cotton mill waste, kapok, and related materials
  • Burlap, jute
  • Carbonized rags
  • Coir yarns and roving
  • Crash, linen
  • Fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, ramie
  • Felt goods, except woven felts and hats: wool, hair, jute, or other
  • Felts, pressed or needle loom
  • Fibers, textile: recovery from textile mill waste and rags
  • Flax yarns and roving
  • Flock (recovered textile fibers)
  • Garnetting of textile waste and rags
  • Grease, wool
  • Hair, curled: for upholstery, pillow, and quilt filling
  • Handwoven fabrics
  • Hemp yarn, thread, roving, and textiles
  • Linings, carpet: felt except woven
  • Mats, felt: except woven
  • Narrow woven fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie
  • Noils, wool and mohair
  • Oakum
  • Packing, twisted jute
  • Padding and wadding, textile
  • Pads and padding, felt: except woven
  • Pads, fiber: henequen, sisal, istle
  • Pillow filling: curled hair (e.g., cotton waste, moss, hemp tow,
  • Pipe and boiler covering, felt
  • Polishing felts, except woven
  • Preparing textile fibers for spinning (scouring and combing)
  • Pressed felts
  • Processing of textile mill waste and recovering fibers
  • Punched felts
  • Quilt filling: curled hair (e.g., cotton waste, moss, hemp tow, kapok)
  • Ramie yarn, thread, roving, and textiles
  • Rayon tops, combing and converting
  • Recovering textile fibers from clippings and rags
  • Roves, flax and jute
  • Rug backing, jute or other fiber
  • Slubs and nubs (cutting up fibers for use in tweeds)
  • Textile mills: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie yarn, thread, and fabrics
  • Thread: linen, hemp, and ramie
  • Tops, combing and converting
  • Tops, manmade fiber
  • Tow to top mills
  • Towels and towelings, linen and linen-and-cotton mixtures - made in the same establishment
  • Trimming felts, except woven
  • Upholstery filling, textile
  • Wads and wadding, textile
  • Webbing, jute
  • Wool felts, pressed or needle loom
  • Wool scouring and carbonizing
  • Wool shoddy
  • Wool tops, combing and converting
  • Wool waste processing
  • Yarn, specialty and novelty
  • Yarn: flax, jute, hemp, and ramie
  • Yarn: metallic, ceramic, or paper fibers

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 2299 - Textile Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified that is a better classification match.

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing woven wool felts and wool haircloth are classified in SIC Code - 2231, and those manufacturing needle punch carpeting are classified in SIC Code - 2273. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing embroideries are classified in SIC Code - 239. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lace goods are classified in SIC Code - 2258. Establishments primarily engaged in sorting wiping rags or waste are classified in Wholesale Trade, SIC Code - 5093.

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Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 2299

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 2299 – Textile Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 229901Textile Fibers (manufacturers)
  • 229902Felt Products (manufacturers)
  • 229905Upholsterers Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 229906Wadding (manufacturers)
  • 229907Macrame (manufacturers)
  • 229908Needlework & Needlework Materials (manufacturers)
  • 229909Oriental Goods (manufacturers)
  • 229910Sisal (manufacturers)
  • 229912Batting (quilting Material Manufacturing)
  • 229913Mill Ends (manufacturers)
  • 229916Wool Garnetting (manufacturers)
  • 229917Textile Mill Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 229918Oakum (manufacturers)
  • 229998Textile Goods Nec (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 2299001Textile Goods Nec (manufacturers)
  • 2299002Linen Fabrics
  • 2299003Textiles-Fabrics
  • 2299004Textiles-Batting & Padding
  • 2299005Cotton Waste & Kapok Apparel Fillings
  • 2299006Wadding (manufacturers)
  • 2299007Cotton Mill Waste Batts & Batting
  • 2299008Macrame (manufacturers)
  • 2299009Curled Hair Upholstery, Pillow & Quilt Filling
  • 2299010Needlework & Needlework Materials (manufacturers)
  • 2299011Textile Padding & Wadding
  • 2299012Oriental Goods (manufacturers)
  • 2299013Henequen, Sisal & Istle Fiber Pads
  • 2299014Sisal (manufacturers)
  • 2299015Curled Hair, Cotton Waste, Moss & Hemp Tow Pillow Fillings
  • 2299016Batting-Quilting Material (manufacturers)
  • 2299017Curled Hair, Cotton Waste, Moss & Hemp Tow Quilt Fillings
  • 2299018Mill Ends (manufacturers)
  • 2299019Upholsterers Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 2299020Wool Garnetting (manufacturers)
  • 2299021Textile Mill Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 2299022Felt Products (manufacturers)
  • 2299023Acoustic Felts
  • 2299024Automotive Felts
  • 2299025Felt Boiler Coverings
  • 2299026Felt Carpet Cushions
  • 2299027Insulating Felts
  • 2299028Ironing Board Felts (except Woven)
  • 2299029Felt Mats (except Woven)
  • 2299030Felt Pipe & Boiler Coverings
  • 2299031Polishing Felts
  • 2299032Pressed Wool Felts
  • 2299033Punched Felts
  • 2299034Trimming Felts (except Woven)
  • 2299035Pressed Or Needle Loom Wool Felts
  • 2299036Non-Fabric Yarns & Thread
  • 2299037Flax Yarns & Roving
  • 2299038Ramie Yarn, Thread, Roving & Textiles
  • 2299039Linen, Hemp Or Ramie Thread
  • 2299040Yarn, Metallic, Ceramic Or Paper Fibers
  • 2299041Flax, Jute, Hemp & Ramie Yarn
  • 2299042Specialty & Novelty Yarns
  • 2299043Textile Mill Waste & Remnant Processing
  • 2299044Textile Fibers (manufacturers)
  • 2299045Recovered Textile Fiber Flock
  • 2299046Textile Waste & Rag Garnetting
  • 2299047Recovering Textile Clippings & Rags
  • 2299048Slubs & Nubs
  • 2299049Wool Waste Processing
  • 2299050Jute & Flax Textile Products
  • 2299051Jute Bagging
  • 2299052Jute Burlap
  • 2299053Linen Crash
  • 2299054Linen & Linen-And-Cotton Blend Towels & Toweling
  • 2299055Jute Webbing
  • 2299056Textile Fiber Scouring & Carbonizing
  • 2299057Carbonized Rags
  • 2299058Wool & Mohair Carbonizing
  • 2299059Textile Fiber Spinning Preparation
  • 2299060Wool & Mohair Scouring
  • 2299061Manmade Fiber Tops & Top Processing
  • 2299062Tops Combing & Converting
  • 2299063Manmade Fiber Tops
  • 2299064Wool Tops Combing & Converting
  • 2299065Textile Goods Nec
  • 2299066Textiles-Broadwoven Fabrics
  • 2299067Coir Yarns & Roving
  • 2299068Wool Grease
  • 2299069Hand Woven Fabrics
  • 2299070Hemp Yarn, Thread, Roving & Textiles
  • 2299071Textiles-Narrow Woven Fabrics
  • 2299072Oakum (manufacturers)
  • 2299073Jute Rug Backing

8-digit SIC

  • 22990000Textile Goods, Nec
  • 22990100Batting, Wadding, Padding And Fillings
  • 22990101Apparel Filling: Cotton Waste, Kapok, And Related Material
  • 22990102Batts And Batting: Cotton Mill Waste And Related Material
  • 22990103Hair, Curled: For Upholstery, Pillow, And Quilt Filling
  • 22990104Padding And Wadding, Textile
  • 22990105Pads, Fiber: Henequen, Sisal, Istle
  • 22990106Pillow Fillings: Curled Hair, Cotton Waste, Moss, Hemp Tow
  • 22990107Quilt Fillings: Curled Hair, Cotton Waste, Moss, Hemp Tow
  • 22990108Upholstery Filling, Textile
  • 22990200Felts And Felt Products
  • 22990201Acoustic Felts
  • 22990202Automotive Felts
  • 22990203Boiler Covering, Felt
  • 22990204Carpet Cushions, Felt
  • 22990205Insulating Felts
  • 22990206Ironing Board Felts, Except Woven
  • 22990208Mats, Felt: Except Woven
  • 22990209Pipe And Boiler Covering, Felt
  • 22990210Polishing Felts
  • 22990211Pressed Wool Felts
  • 22990212Punched Felts
  • 22990213Trimming Felts, Except Woven
  • 22990214Wool Felts, Pressed Or Needle Loom
  • 22990300Yarns And Thread, Made From Non-Fabric Materials
  • 22990301Flax Yarns And Roving
  • 22990302Ramie Yarn, Thread, Roving, And Textiles
  • 22990303Thread: Linen, Hemp Or Ramie
  • 22990304Yarn, Metallic, Ceramic, Or Paper Fibers
  • 22990305Yarn: Flax, Jute, Hemp, And Ramie
  • 22990306Yarns, Specialty And Novelty
  • 22990400Textile Mill Waste And Remnant Processing
  • 22990401Fibers, Textile: Recovery From Textile Mill Waste And Rags
  • 22990402Flock (recovered Textile Fibers)
  • 22990403Garnetting Of Textile Waste And Rags
  • 22990404Recovering Textile Fibers From Clippings And Rags
  • 22990405Slubs And Nubs
  • 22990407Wool Waste Processing
  • 22990500Jute And Flax Textile Products
  • 22990501Bagging, Jute
  • 22990502Burlap, Jute
  • 22990503Crash, Linen
  • 22990504Linen Fabrics
  • 22990507Towels And Towelings, Linen And Linen-And-Cotton Mixtures
  • 22990508Webbing, Jute
  • 22990600Scouring And Carbonizing Of Textile Fibers
  • 22990601Carbonized Rags
  • 22990602Carbonizing Of Wool, Mohair, And Similar Fibers
  • 22990603Preparing Textile Fibers For Spinning (scouring And Combing)
  • 22990604Scouring: Wool, Mohair, And Similar Fibers
  • 22990700Tops And Top Processing, Manmade Or Other Fiber
  • 22990702Tops, Combing And Converting
  • 22990703Tops, Manmade Fiber
  • 22990704Wool Tops, Combing And Converting
  • 22999901Broadwoven Fabrics: Linen, Jute, Hemp, And Ramie
  • 22999902Coir Yarns And Roving
  • 22999903Fabrics: Linen, Jute, Hemp, Ramie
  • 22999904Grease, Wool
  • 22999905Hand Woven Fabrics
  • 22999906Hemp Yarn, Thread, Roving, And Textiles
  • 22999907Narrow Woven Fabrics: Linen, Jute, Hemp, And Ramie
  • 22999909Oakum
  • 22999910Rugbacking, Jute Or Other Fiber