ISIC Code 1311 - Preparation And Spinning Of Textile Fibres


This class includes:

  • Preparatory operations on textile fibres:
    • Reeling and washing of silk
    • Degreasing and carbonizing of wool and dyeing of wool fleece
    • Carding and combing of all kinds of animal, vegetable and man-made fibres
  • Spinning and manufacture of yarn or thread for weaving or sewing, for the trade or for further processing:
    • Texturizing, twisting, folding, cabling and dipping of synthetic or artificial filament yarns
  • Manufacture of paper yarn


This class excludes:

  • Preparatory operations carried out in combination with agriculture or farming, see ISIC Code - 01
  • Retting of plants bearing vegetable textile fibres (jute, flax, coir etc.), see ISIC Code - 0116
  • Cotton ginning, see ISIC Code - 0163
  • Manufacture of synthetic or artificial fibres and tows, manufacture of single yarns (including high-tenacity yarn and yarn for carpets) of synthetic or artificial fibres, see ISIC Code - 2030
  • Manufacture of glass fibres, see ISIC Code - 2310

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