SIC Code 5421 Meat and Fish (Seafood) Markets, including Freezer Provisioners


Retail Trade


Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of fresh, frozen, or cured meats, fish, shellfish, and other seafoods. This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale, on a bulk basis, of meat for freezer storage and in providing home freezer plans. Meat markets may butcher animals on their own account, or they may buy from others.

Cross References

Food locker plants primarily engaged in renting locker space for the storage of food products for individual households are classified in Industry 4222. Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of poultry are classified in Industry 5499.

Illustrative Examples

  • Fish markets-retail, Freezer food plans
  • meat-retail, Freezer provisionersmeat-retail, Frozen food and freezer plansmeat-retail, Meat markets-retail, Seafood markets-retail

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 542101Seafood-retail
  • 542102Food Plans
  • 542103Frozen Foods-retail
  • 542104Meat Cutting Service
  • 542105Lobsters
  • 542106Ham Specialty Stores
  • 542107Meat-retail
  • 542108Sausages
  • 542109Shrimp-retail
  • 542110Caviar
  • 542111Meat Markets-kosher
  • 542113Hams
  • 542114Smoked Foods
  • 542116Crab Meat
  • 542118Smoking & Curing Service

7-digit SIC

  • 5421001Meat & Seafood Markets
  • 5421002Meat
  • 5421003Fish & Seafood Markets
  • 5421004Seafood
  • 5421005Fish Markets
  • 5421006Food & Freezer Meat Plans
  • 5421007Meat Freezer Provisioners
  • 5421008Food Plans
  • 5421009Meat Cutting Services
  • 5421010Lobsters
  • 5421011Ham Specialty Stores
  • 5421012Sausages
  • 5421013Shrimp
  • 5421014Caviar
  • 5421015Meat Markets-kosher
  • 5421016Hams
  • 5421017Smoked Foods
  • 5421018Crab Meat
  • 5421019Smoking & Curing Services

8-digit SIC

  • 54210000Meat And Fish Markets
  • 54210100Fish And Seafood Markets
  • 54210101Fish Markets
  • 54210102Seafood Markets
  • 54210200Meat Markets, Including Freezer Provisioners
  • 54210201Food And Freezer Plans, Meat
  • 54210202Freezer Provisioners, Meat