SIC Code 2092 Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish and Seafoods




Establishments primarily engaged in preparing fresh and raw or cooked frozen fish and other seafoods and seafood preparations, such as soups, stews, chowders, fishcakes, crabcakes, and shrimp cakes. Prepared fresh fish are eviscerated or processed by removal of heads, fins, or scales. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in the shucking and packing of fresh oysters in nonsealed containers.

Illustrative Examples

  • Chowders, fish and seafood: frozen
  • Crabcakes, frozen
  • Crabmeat picking
  • Crabmeat, fresh: packed in nonsealed containers
  • Fish and seafood cakes, frozen
  • Fish fillets
  • Fish sticks
  • Fish: fresh and frozen, prepared
  • Oysters, fresh: shucking and packing in nonsealed containers
  • Seafoods, fresh and frozen
  • Shellfish, fresh and frozen
  • Shellfish, fresh: shucked, picked, or packed
  • Shrimp, fresh and frozen
  • Soups, fish and seafood: frozen
  • Stews, fish and seafood: frozen

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 209201Seafood Packers (mfrs)
  • 209203Fish Cleaning (mfrs)
  • 209204Shrimp-packers (mfrs)
  • 209298Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)

7-digit SIC

  • 2092001Prepared Fish & Seafood Products Mfg
  • 2092002Prepared Fresh Seafood
  • 2092003Prepared Frozen Seafood
  • 2092004Fresh Or Frozen Fish Or Seafood Chowders, Soups & Stews
  • 2092005Frozen Fish & Seafood Chowders
  • 2092006Frozen Fish & Seafood Soups
  • 2092007Shrimp-packers Mfg
  • 2092008Prepared Fish Or Other Seafood Cakes & Sticks
  • 2092009Frozen Crabcakes
  • 2092010Fish Sticks
  • 2092011Frozen Fishcakes
  • 2092012Frozen Seafood Cakes
  • 2092013Frozen Shrimpcakes
  • 2092014Seafood Packers Mfg
  • 2092015Frozen Crabmeat
  • 2092016Fish Fillets
  • 2092017Prepared Fresh Fish
  • 2092018Prepared Frozen Fish
  • 2092019Fish Cleaning Mfg
  • 2092020Prepared Frozen Shellfish
  • 2092021Prepared Fresh Shrimp
  • 2092022Prepared Frozen Shrimp

8-digit SIC

  • 20920000Fresh Or Frozen Packaged Fish
  • 20920100Fresh Or Frozen Fish Or Seafood Chowders, Soups, And Stews
  • 20920101Chowders, Fish And Seafood: Frozen
  • 20920102Soups, Fish And Seafood: Frozen
  • 20920200Prepared Fish Or Other Seafood Cakes And Sticks
  • 20920201Crabcakes, Frozen
  • 20920202Fish Sticks
  • 20920203Fishcakes, Frozen
  • 20920204Seafood Cakes, Frozen
  • 20920205Shrimpcakes, Frozen
  • 20929901Crab Meat, Fresh: Packaged In Nonsealed Containers
  • 20929902Crabmeat, Frozen
  • 20929903Fish Fillets
  • 20929904Fish, Fresh: Prepared
  • 20929905Fish, Frozen: Prepared
  • 20929906Seafoods, Fresh: Prepared
  • 20929907Seafoods, Frozen: Prepared
  • 20929908Shellfish, Fresh: Shucked And Packed In Nonsealed Containers
  • 20929909Shellfish, Frozen: Prepared
  • 20929910Shrimp, Fresh: Prepared
  • 20929911Shrimp, Frozen: Prepared
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Est. Employment:7317