NAICS Code 333618 Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing internal combustion engines (except automotive gasoline and aircraft).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing gasoline motor vehicle engines and motor vehicle transmissions: classified in Industry Group 3363, Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing gasoline aircraft engines and aircraft transmissions: classified in Industry 33641, Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing turbine and turbine generator sets units: classified in U.S. Industry 333611, Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing speed changers and industrial high-speed drivers and gears: classified in U.S. Industry 333612, Speed Changer, Industrial High-Speed Drive, and Gear Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing mechanical power transmission equipment (except motor vehicle and aircraft): classified in U.S. Industry 333613, Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Diesel and semidiesel engines manufacturing
  • Electric outboard motors manufacturing
  • Engines, diesel and semidiesel, manufacturing
  • Engines, diesel locomotive, manufacturing
  • Engines, internal combustion (except aircraft, nondiesel automotive), manufacturing
  • Engines, natural gas, manufacturing
  • Gasoline engines (except aircraft, automotive, truck) manufacturing
  • Governors, diesel engine, manufacturing
  • Governors, gasoline engine (except automotive), manufacturing
  • Hybrid engines (except automotive) manufacturing
  • Internal combustion engines (except aircraft, nondiesel automotive, nondiesel truck) manufacturing
  • Locomotive diesel engines manufacturing
  • Marine engines manufacturing
  • Motors, outboard, manufacturing
  • Natural gas engines manufacturing
  • Outboard motors manufacturing
  • Semidiesel engines manufacturing

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