ISIC Code 2811 - Manufacture Of Engines And Turbines, Except Aircraft, Vehicle And Cycle Engines


This class includes:

  • Manufacture of internal combustion piston engines, except motor vehicle, aircraft and cycle propulsion engines:
    • Marine engines
    • Railway engines
  • Manufacture of pistons, piston rings, carburetors and such for all internal combustion engines, diesel engines etc.
  • Manufacture of inlet and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
  • Manufacture of turbines and parts thereof:
    • Steam turbines and other vapour turbines
    • Hydraulic turbines, waterwheels and regulators thereof
    • Wind turbines
    • Gas turbines, except turbojets or turbo propellers for aircraft propulsion
  • Manufacture of boiler-turbine sets
  • Manufacture of turbine-generator sets


This class excludes:

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