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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle parts and accessories, but not engaged in manufacturing complete motor vehicles or passenger car bodies.


SIC Code 3714 - Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 4,852 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 233,976 people.

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Extended SIC Codes (6-digit) for Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3714 - Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories are:

  • Air brakes, motor vehicle
  • Automotive wiring harness sets, except ignition
  • Axle housings and shafts, motor vehicle
  • Axles, motor vehicle
  • Ball joints, motor vehicle
  • Bearings, motor vehicle: except ball and roller
  • Brake drums
  • Brakes and brake parts, motor vehicle
  • Bumpers and bumperettes, motor vehicle
  • Camshafts, motor vehicle gasoline engine
  • Cleaners, air: motor vehicle
  • Connecting rods, motor vehicle: gasoline engine
  • Control equipment, motor vehicle: acceleration mechanisms and
  • Crankshaft assemblies, motor vehicle: gasoline engine
  • Cylinder heads, motor vehicle: gasoline engines
  • Defrosters, motor vehicle
  • Differentials and parts, motor vehicle
  • Directional signals, motor vehicle
  • Drive shafts, motor vehicle
  • Dump truck lifting mechanisms
  • Engines and parts, except diesel: motor vehicle
  • Exhaust systems and parts, motor vehicle
  • Fifth wheels
  • Filters: oil, fuel, and air-motor vehicle
  • Frames, motor vehicle
  • Fuel pumps, motor vehicle
  • Fuel systems and parts, motor vehicle
  • Gas tanks, motor vehicle
  • Gears, motor vehicle
  • Governors, motor vehicle
  • Heaters, motor vehicle
  • Hoods, motor vehicle
  • Horns, motor vehicle
  • Hydraulic fluid power pumps for auto motive steering mechanisms
  • Instrument board assemblies, motor vehicle
  • Lubrication systems and parts, motor vehicle
  • Manifolds, motor vehicle: gasoline engine
  • Motor vehicle gasoline engine rebuilding on a factory basis
  • Motor vehicle parts and accessories, except motor vehicle stampings
  • Mufflers, exhaust: motor vehicle
  • Oil filters, motor vehicle
  • Pipes, fuel: motor vehicle
  • Power transmission equipment, motor vehicle
  • Pumps, motor vehicle: oil, water, fuel, and power steering
  • Radiators and radiator shells and cores, motor vehicle
  • Rear axle housings, motor vehicle
  • Rebuilding motor vehicle gasoline engines and transmissions on a
  • Rims, wheel: motor vehicle
  • Sanders, motor vehicle safety
  • Shock absorbers, motor vehicle
  • Steering mechanisms, motor vehicle
  • Thermostats, motor vehicle
  • Third axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles
  • Tie rods, motor vehicle
  • Tire valve cores
  • Tops, motor vehicle: except stamped metal
  • Transmission housings and parts, motor vehicle
  • Transmissions, motor vehicle
  • Universal joints, motor vehicle
  • Vacuum brakes, motor vehicle
  • Wheels, motor vehicle
  • Windshield frames, motor vehicle
  • Windshield wiper systems, all types
  • Winterfronts, motor vehicle
  • Wiring harness sets motor vehicles, except ignition

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3714 - Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete automobiles and trucks are classified in SIC Code - 3711; those manufacturing tires and tubes are classified in SIC Code - 3011; those manufacturing automobile glass are classified in SIC Code - 32; those manufacturing automobile stampings are classified in SIC Code - 3465; those manufacturing vehicular lighting equipment are classified in SIC Code - 3647; those manufacturing ignition systems are classified in SIC Code - 3694; those manufacturing storage batteries are classified in SIC Code - 3691; and those manufacturing carburetors, pistons, piston rings, and engine intake and exhaust valves are classified in Industry 3592.

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Alternative SIC Code Categories for SIC 3714

For business marketing and targeting purposes, please refer to the Extended SIC Codes (6-digit).

7-digit SIC

  • 3714001Automobile Parts & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3714002Motor Vehicle Engines & Parts
  • 3714003Motor Vehicle Brake Systems & Parts
  • 3714004Motor Vehicle Body Components & Frame
  • 3714005Transmissions-Automobile (manufacturers)
  • 3714006Motor Vehicle Exhaust Systems & Parts
  • 3714007Automobile Radiator (manufacturers)
  • 3714008Motor Vehicle Transmissions, Drive Assemblies & Parts
  • 3714009Rebuilding Engines & Transmissions
  • 3714010Axles (manufacturers)
  • 3714011Filters-Fuel & Oil (manufacturers)
  • 3714012Motor Vehicle Wheels
  • 3714013Motor Vehicle Fuel Systems & Parts
  • 3714014Drive Shafts-Industrial (manufacturers)
  • 3714015Clutches (manufacturers)
  • 3714016Automobile Electrical Equipment
  • 3714017Automobile Gears
  • 3714018Mufflers & Exhaust Systems-Engine (manufacturers)
  • 3714019Automobile Wheels & Parts
  • 3714020Automobile Air Conditioner Parts
  • 3714021Pickup Bed Liners
  • 3714022Automobile Transmission Housings
  • 3714023Cylinder Heads (manufacturers)
  • 3714024Automobile Wheel Rims
  • 3714025Automobile Bumpers
  • 3714026Automobile Steering Mechanisms
  • 3714027Automobile Propane Conversion Equipment
  • 3714028Automobile Wiring Harnesses
  • 3714029Automobile Trailer Hitches
  • 3714030Windshield Wipers (manufacturers)
  • 3714031Automobile Hydraulic Fluid Power Pumps
  • 3714032Acceleration Equipment, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714033Automobile Racing/sports Car Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3714034Camshafts, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714035Choker Rods, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714036Automobile Repair/services-Equipment & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3714037Fuel Injection Equipment & Services (manufacturers)
  • 3714038Cleaners, Air, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714039Wheel Well (manufacturers)
  • 3714040Connecting Rods, Motor Vehicle Engine
  • 3714041Crankshaft Assemblies, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714042Truck Equipment & Parts (manufacturers)
  • 3714043Transmissions-Parts & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3714044Differentials & Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714045Floats-Mechanical (manufacturers)
  • 3714046Fuel Pipes, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714047Automobile Bumpers Guards & Grills (manufacturers)
  • 3714048Fuel Pumps, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714049Gas Tanks, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714050Automobile (manufacturers) Equipment Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3714051Boat Trailer Tires & Wheels
  • 3714052Governors, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714053Lubrication Systems & Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714054Engines-Supplies-Equipment & Parts (manufacturers)
  • 3714055Brake Services Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3714056Manifolds, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714057Radiators-Heating (manufacturers)
  • 3714058Oil Pump, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714059Oil Strainers, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714060Tie Rods, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714061Water Pump, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714062Anti-Sway Devices, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714063Axle Housings & Shafts, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714064Joints-Ball (manufacturers)
  • 3714065Bearings-Rebabbitting (manufacturers)
  • 3714066Power Transmission Equipment, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714067Rear Axle Housings, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714068Universal Joints, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714069Frames, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714070Hoods, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714071Shock Absorbers (manufacturers)
  • 3714072Sun Roofs, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714073Tops, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714074Wind Deflectors, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714075Windshield Frames, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714076Defrosters, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714077Directional Signals, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714078Heaters, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714079Horns, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714080Instrument Board Assemblies, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714081Thermostats, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714082Windshield Wiper Systems, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714083Brakes (manufacturers)
  • 3714084Brake Drums, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714085Vacuum Brakes, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714086Steering Systems & Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3714087Automobile Power Steering (manufacturers)
  • 3714088Tire Valve Cores
  • 3714089Booster Cables-Automotive
  • 3714090Dump Truck Lifting Mechanism
  • 3714091Fifth Wheel, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714092Ice Scrapers & Window Brushes, Motor Vehicle
  • 3714093Pac Valves
  • 3714094Sanders, Motor Vehicle Safety
  • 3714095Third Axle Attachments Or Six Wheel Units For Motor Vehicles
  • 3714096Winter Fronts, Motor Vehicle

8-digit SIC

  • 37140000Motor Vehicle Parts And Accessories
  • 37140100Motor Vehicle Engines And Parts
  • 37140101Acceleration Equipment, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140102Camshafts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140103Choker Rods, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140104Cleaners, Air, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140105Connecting Rods, Motor Vehicle Engine
  • 37140106Crankshaft Assemblies, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140107Cylinder Heads, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140108Differentials And Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140109Exhaust Systems And Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140110Filters: Oil, Fuel, And Air, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140111Fuel Pipes, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140112Fuel Pumps, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140113Fuel Systems And Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140114Gas Tanks, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140115Governors, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140116Lubrication Systems And Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140117Manifolds, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140118Mufflers (exhaust), Motor Vehicle
  • 37140119Oil Pump, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140120Oil Strainers, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140121Propane Conversion Equipment, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140122Radiators And Radiator Shells And Cores, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140123Rebuilding Engines And Transmissions, Factory Basis
  • 37140124Tie Rods, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140125Water Pump, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140200Motor Vehicle Transmissions, Drive Assemblies, And Parts
  • 37140201Anti-Sway Devices, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140202Axle Housings And Shafts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140203Axles, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140204Ball Joints, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140205Bearings, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140206Clutches, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140207Drive Shafts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140208Gears, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140209Power Transmission Equipment, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140210Rear Axle Housings, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140211Transmission Housings Or Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140212Transmissions, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140213Universal Joints, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140300Motor Vehicle Body Components And Frame
  • 37140301Bumpers And Bumperettes, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140302Frames, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140303Hoods, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140304Shock Absorbers, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140305Steering Mechanisms, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140306Sun Roofs, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140307Tops, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140308Wind Deflectors, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140309Windshield Frames, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140400Motor Vehicle Electrical Equipment
  • 37140401Automotive Wiring Harness Sets
  • 37140402Defrosters, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140403Directional Signals, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140404Heaters, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140405Horns, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140406Instrument Board Assemblies, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140407Thermostats, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140408Windshield Wiper Systems, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140409Wipers, Windshield, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140500Motor Vehicle Brake Systems And Parts
  • 37140501Air Brakes, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140502Brake Drums, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140503Vacuum Brakes, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140600Motor Vehicle Steering Systems And Parts
  • 37140601Hydraulic Fluid Power Pumps, For Auto Steering Mechanism
  • 37140602Power Steering Equipment, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140700Motor Vehicle Wheels And Parts
  • 37140701Tire Valve Cores
  • 37140702Wheel Rims, Motor Vehicle
  • 37140703Wheels, Motor Vehicle
  • 37149901Air Conditioner Parts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37149902Booster (jump-Start) Cables, Automotive
  • 37149903Dump Truck Lifting Mechanism
  • 37149904Fifth Wheel, Motor Vehicle
  • 37149905Ice Scrapers And Window Brushes, Motor Vehicle
  • 37149906Pcv Valves
  • 37149907Sanders, Motor Vehicle Safety
  • 37149908Third Axle Attachments Or Six Wheel Units For Motor Vehicles
  • 37149909Trailer Hitches, Motor Vehicle
  • 37149910Winter Fronts, Motor Vehicle
  • 37149911Pickup Truck Bed Liners