ISIC Code 2220 - Manufacture Of Plastics Products


This class includes the processing of new or spent (i.e. recycled) plastics resins into intermediate or final products, using such processes as compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and casting. For most of these, the production process is such that a wide variety of products can be made.

This class includes:

  • Manufacture of semi-manufactures of plastic products:
    • Plastic plates, sheets, blocks, film, foil, strip etc. (whether self-adhesive or not)
  • Manufacture of finished plastic products:
    • Plastic tubes, pipes and hoses; hose and pipe fittings
  • Manufacture of plastic articles for the packing of goods:
    • Plastic bags, sacks, containers, boxes, cases, carboys, bottles etc.
  • Manufacture of builders' plastics ware:
    • Plastic doors, windows, frames, shutters, blinds, skirting boards
    • Tanks, reservoirs
    • Plastic floor, wall or ceiling coverings in rolls or in the form of tiles etc.
    • Plastic sanitary ware, such as:

** plastic baths, shower baths, washbasins, lavatory pans, flushing cisterns etc.

  • Manufacture of plastic tableware, kitchenware and toilet articles
  • Cellophane film or sheet
  • Manufacture of resilient floor coverings, such as vinyl, linoleum etc.
  • Manufacture of artificial stone (e.g. cultured marble)
  • Manufacture of plastic signs (non-electrical)
  • Manufacture of diverse plastic products:
    • Plastic headgear, insulating fittings, parts of lighting fittings, office or school supplies, articles of apparel (if only sealed together, not sewn), fittings for furniture, statuettes, transmission and conveyer belts, self-adhesive tapes of plastic, plastic wall paper, plastic shoe lasts, plastic cigar and cigarette holders, combs, plastics hair curlers, plastics novelties, etc.
      The division also contains the manufacture of consumer electronics, measuring, testing, navigating, and control equipment, irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment, optical instruments and equipment, and the manufacture of magnetic and optical media.


This class excludes:

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