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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric housewares for heating, cooking, and other purposes; and electric household fans, except attic fans. Important products of this industry include household-type ventilation and exhaust fans; portable household cooking appliances, except convection and microwave ovens; electric space heaters; electrically heated bedcoverings, electric scissors; and portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers.


SIC Code 3634 - Electric Housewares and Fans is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 298 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 3,478 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3634 - Electric Housewares and Fans are:

  • Air purifiers, portable
  • Bedcoverings, electric
  • Blankets, electric
  • Blenders, electric
  • Blowers, portable
  • Bottle warmers, household: electric
  • Broilers, electric
  • Can openers, electric
  • Casseroles, electric
  • Chafing dishes, electric
  • Cigar lighters, electric
  • Cigarette lighters, electric
  • Coffee makers, household: electric
  • Cooking appliances, household: electric, except convection and
  • Crock pots, electric
  • Curling irons, electric
  • Deep fat fryers, household: electric
  • Dehumidifiers, electric: portable
  • Desk fans, electric
  • Driers: hand, face, and hair-electric
  • Dry shavers (electric razors)
  • Egg cookers, electric
  • Fans, household: electric, except attic fans
  • Floor fans, electric
  • Food mixers, household: electric
  • Fryers, household: electric
  • Griddles and grills, household: electric
  • Hair curlers, electric
  • Hair driers, electric: except equipment designed for beauty parloruse
  • Hassock fans, electric
  • Heaters, immersion: household-electric
  • Heaters, space: electric
  • Heaters, tape
  • Heating pads, electric
  • Heating units for electric appliances
  • Heating units, baseboard or wall: electric (radiant heating element)
  • Hotplates, electric
  • Humidifiers, electric: portable
  • Ice crushers, electric
  • Irons, domestic: electric
  • Juice extractors, electric
  • Knives, electric
  • Massage machines, electric: except designed for beauty and
  • Ovens, household: portable: except microwave and convection ovens
  • Percolators, electric
  • Popcorn poppers for home use: electric
  • Propeller fans, window-type (household)
  • Radiators, electric
  • Razors, electric
  • Roasters, electric
  • Sandwich toasters and grills, household: electric
  • Sauna heaters, electric
  • Scissors, electric
  • Shoe polishers, electric
  • Tea kettles, electric
  • Toasters, household: electric
  • Toothbrushes, electric
  • Trays, warming: electric
  • Trouser pressers, electric
  • Unit heaters, household: electric
  • Urns, electric: household
  • Vaporizers, electric: household
  • Ventilating fans, electric: household-kitchen
  • Waffle irons, electric
  • Wall heaters, household: electric
  • Water pulsating devices, electric
  • Whippers, household: electric

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3634 - Electric Housewares and Fans that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing attic fans and industrial and commercial exhaust and ventilation fans are classified in SIC Code - 3564; and those manufacturing room air-conditioners and humidifying and dehumidifying equipment, except portable, are classified in SIC Code - 3585.

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Alternative SIC Code Categories for SIC 3634

For business marketing and targeting purposes, please refer to the Extended SIC Codes (6-digit).

7-digit SIC

  • 3634001Electric Housewares & Fans (manufacturers)
  • 3634002Portable Air Urifiers
  • 3634003Electric Massage Machines
  • 3634004Sauna Equipment & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3634005Electric Household Cooking Appliances
  • 3634006Ventilating Systems-Plastic (manufacturers)
  • 3634007Broilers, Electric
  • 3634008Electric Appliances-Small (manufacturers)
  • 3634009Chafing Dishes, Electric
  • 3634010Fans-Household (manufacturers)
  • 3634011Coffee Makers-Electric-Household
  • 3634012Food Processors-Household (manufacturers)
  • 3634013Crock Pots, Electric
  • 3634014Water Jet Cutting (manufacturers)
  • 3634015Fryers-Electric-Household
  • 3634016Griddles Or Grills, Electric-Household
  • 3634017Heating Units, For Electric Appliances
  • 3634018Hot Plates, Electric
  • 3634019Ovens-Portable-Household
  • 3634020Popcorn Poppers-Electric-Household
  • 3634021Roasters, Electric
  • 3634022Sandwich Toasters & Grills-Electric-Household
  • 3634023Toasters-Electric-Household
  • 3634024Urns-Electric-Household
  • 3634025Waffle Irons, Electric
  • 3634026Electric Household Cooking Utensils
  • 3634027Bottle Warmers-Electric-Household
  • 3634028Food Mixers (manufacturers)
  • 3634029Ice Crushers, Electric
  • 3634030Immersion Heaters-Electric-Household
  • 3634031Juice Extractors, Electric
  • 3634032Electric Household Fans, Heaters & Humidifiers
  • 3634033Blowers, Portable, Electric
  • 3634034Ceiling Fans
  • 3634035Dehumidifiers-Electric-Room
  • 3634036Fans-Electric-Desk
  • 3634037Fans-Electric-Floor
  • 3634038Fans-Electric-Hassock
  • 3634039Fans-Exhaust & Ventilating, Electric-Household
  • 3634040Fans-Household Propeller
  • 3634041Heaters, Tape
  • 3634042Heating Units-Electric Baseboard Or Wall
  • 3634043Humidifiers-Electric-Household
  • 3634044Radiators, Electric
  • 3634045Sauna Heaters, Electric
  • 3634046Space Heaters, Electric
  • 3634047Wall Heaters-Electric-Household
  • 3634048Housewares, Excluding Cooking Appliances & Utensils
  • 3634049Bedcoverings, Electric
  • 3634050Blankets, Electric
  • 3634051Blenders, Electric
  • 3634052Irons-Electric-Household
  • 3634053Vaporizers-Electric-Household
  • 3634054Water Pulsating Devices, Electric
  • 3634055Personal Electrical Appliances
  • 3634056Cigarette Lighters, Electric
  • 3634057Curling Irons, Electric
  • 3634058Dryers-Electric-Hand & Face
  • 3634059Hair Curlers, Electric
  • 3634060Hair Dryers (manufacturers)
  • 3634061Heating Pads, Electric
  • 3634062Razors, Electric
  • 3634063Scissors, Electric
  • 3634064Shoe Polishers, Electric
  • 3634065Toothbrushes, Electric

8-digit SIC

  • 36340000Electric Housewares And Fans
  • 36340100Electric Household Cooking Appliances
  • 36340101Broilers, Electric
  • 36340103Chafing Dishes, Electric
  • 36340104Coffee Makers, Electric: Household
  • 36340105Crock Pots, Electric
  • 36340107Fryers, Electric: Household
  • 36340108Griddles Or Grills, Electric: Household
  • 36340110Heating Units, For Electric Appliances
  • 36340111Hot Plates, Electric
  • 36340112Ovens, Portable: Household
  • 36340114Popcorn Poppers, Electric: Household
  • 36340115Roasters, Electric
  • 36340116Sandwich Toasters And Grills, Electric: Household
  • 36340118Toasters, Electric: Household
  • 36340119Urns, Electric: Household
  • 36340120Waffle Irons, Electric
  • 36340200Electric Household Cooking Utensils
  • 36340201Bottle Warmers, Electric: Household
  • 36340203Food Mixers, Electric: Household
  • 36340204Ice Crushers, Electric
  • 36340205Immersion Heaters, Electric: Household
  • 36340206Juice Extractors, Electric
  • 36340300Electric Household Fans, Heaters, And Humidifiers
  • 36340301Blowers, Portable, Electric
  • 36340302Ceiling Fans
  • 36340303Dehumidifiers, Electric: Room
  • 36340304Fans, Electric: Desk
  • 36340305Fans, Electric: Floor
  • 36340306Fans, Electric: Hassock
  • 36340307Fans, Exhaust And Ventilating, Electric: Household
  • 36340308Fans, Propeller (window Type): Household
  • 36340309Heaters, Tape
  • 36340310Heating Units, Electric (radiant Heat): Baseboard Or Wall
  • 36340311Humidifiers, Electric: Household
  • 36340312Radiators, Electric
  • 36340313Sauna Heaters, Electric
  • 36340314Space Heaters, Electric
  • 36340315Wall Heaters, Electric: Household
  • 36340400Housewares, Excluding Cooking Appliances And Utensils
  • 36340401Air Purifiers, Portable
  • 36340402Bedcoverings, Electric
  • 36340403Blankets, Electric
  • 36340404Blenders, Electric
  • 36340405Irons, Electric: Household
  • 36340406Vaporizers, Electric: Household
  • 36340407Water Pulsating Devices, Electric
  • 36340500Personal Electrical Appliances
  • 36340502Cigarette Lighters, Electric
  • 36340503Curling Irons, Electric
  • 36340504Dryers, Electric: Hand And Face
  • 36340505Hair Curlers, Electric
  • 36340506Hair Dryers, Electric
  • 36340507Heating Pads, Electric
  • 36340508Massage Machines, Electric, Except For Beauty/barber Shops
  • 36340509Razors, Electric
  • 36340510Scissors, Electric
  • 36340511Shoe Polishers, Electric
  • 36340512Toothbrushes, Electric