ISIC Code 3220 - Manufacture Of Musical Instruments


This class includes:

  • Manufacture of stringed instruments
  • Manufacture of keyboard stringed instruments, including automatic pianos
  • Manufacture of keyboard pipe organs, including harmoniums and similar keyboard instruments with free metal reeds
  • Manufacture of accordions and similar instruments, including mouth organs
  • Manufacture of wind instruments
  • Manufacture of percussion musical instruments
  • Manufacture of musical instruments, the sound of which is produced electronically
  • Manufacture of musical boxes, fairground organs, calliopes etc.
  • Manufacture of instrument parts and accessories:
    • Metronomes, tuning forks, pitch pipes, cards, discs and rolls for automatic mechanical instruments etc.
  • Manufacture of whistles, call horns and other mouth-blown sound signalling instruments


This class excludes:

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