NAICS Code 321999 - All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing

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NAICS Code 321999 Description

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood products (except establishments operating sawmills and preservation facilities; establishments manufacturing veneer, engineered wood products, millwork, wood containers, pallets, and wood container parts; and establishments making manufactured homes (i.e., mobile homes) and prefabricated buildings and components).

NAICS Code 321999 - All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing is a final level code of the “All Other Wood Product Manufacturing” Sector. There are 808 companies verified as active in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 34,064 people.

Industry Sector

All Other Wood Product Manufacturing

Annual Payroll


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SBA Size Standard

Maximum 500 Employees

Parent Category - 5-digit Level (less specific)

Industry Examples of NAICS 321999

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 321999 - All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing are:

  • Applicators, wood, manufacturing
  • Audio cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Bentwood (steam bent) products (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Blocks, tackle, wood, manufacturing
  • Blocks, tailors' pressing wood, manufacturing
  • Boards, bulletin, wood and cork, manufacturing
  • Boards, wood (e.g., clip, ironing, meat, pastry), manufacturing
  • Boot and shoe lasts, all materials, manufacturing
  • Bottle corks manufacturing
  • Bottle covers, willow, rattan, and reed, manufacturing
  • Bowls, wood, turned and shaped, manufacturing
  • Bulletin boards, wood and cork, manufacturing
  • Bungs, wood, manufacturing
  • Buoys, cork, manufacturing
  • Burnt wood articles manufacturing
  • Bushings, wood, manufacturing
  • Cabinets (i.e., housings), wood (e.g., sewing machines, stereo, television), manufacturing
  • Carpets, cork, manufacturing
  • Clipboards, wood, manufacturing
  • Cloth winding reels, wood, manufacturing
  • Clothes dryers (clothes horses), wood, manufacturing
  • Clothes poles, wood, manufacturing
  • Clothespins, wood, manufacturing
  • Cork products (except gaskets) manufacturing
  • Corks, bottle, manufacturing
  • Covers, bottle and demijohn, willow, rattan, and reed, manufacturing
  • Curtain stretchers, wood, manufacturing
  • Dishes, wood, manufacturing
  • Dowels, wood, manufacturing
  • Excelsior (e.g., pads, wrappers) manufacturing
  • Extension ladders, wood, manufacturing
  • Extension planks, wood, manufacturing
  • Fencing, prefabricated sections, wood, manufacturing
  • Fencing, wood (except rough pickets, poles, and rails), manufacturing
  • Firewood and fuel wood containing fuel binder manufacturing
  • Flagpoles, wood, manufacturing
  • Flour, wood, manufacturing
  • Forms, display, boot and shoe, all materials, manufacturing
  • Furniture inlays manufacturing
  • Garment hangers, wood, manufacturing
  • Gavels, wood, manufacturing
  • Grain measures, wood, turned and shaped, manufacturing
  • Hammers, wood, meat, manufacturing
  • Handles (e.g., broom, mop, handtool), wood, manufacturing
  • Hangers, wooden, garment, manufacturing
  • Heels, boot and shoe, finished wood, manufacturing
  • Household-type woodenware manufacturing
  • Hubs, wood, manufacturing
  • Insulating materials, cork, manufacturing
  • Ironing boards, wood, manufacturing
  • Kiln drying lumber
  • Kitchenware, wood, manufacturing
  • Knobs, wood, manufacturing
  • Ladder jacks, wood, manufacturing
  • Ladders, extension, wood, manufacturing
  • Last sole patterns, all materials, manufacturing
  • Lumber, kiln drying
  • Mallets, wood, manufacturing
  • Marquetry, wood, manufacturing
  • Mashers, potato, wood, manufacturing
  • Masts, wood, manufacturing
  • Mauls, wood, manufacturing
  • Novelties, wood fiber, manufacturing
  • Oars, wood, manufacturing
  • Paddles, wood, manufacturing
  • Pads, excelsior, wood, manufacturing
  • Pads, table, rattan, reed, and willow, manufacturing
  • Paint sticks, wood, manufacturing
  • Pastry boards, wood, manufacturing
  • Pencil slats, wood, manufacturing
  • Plugs, wood, manufacturing
  • Pressed logs of sawdust and other wood particles, nonpetroleum binder, manufacturing
  • Pressing blocks, wood, tailor's, manufacturing
  • Pulleys, wood, manufacturing
  • Rails (except rough), wood fence, manufacturing
  • Rattan ware (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Reed ware (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Reels, plywood, manufacturing
  • Reels, wood, manufacturing
  • Rollers, wood, manufacturing
  • Rolling pins, wood, manufacturing
  • Rulers and rules (except slide), wood, manufacturing
  • Saddle trees, wood, manufacturing
  • Sawdust, regrinding
  • Scoops, wood, manufacturing
  • Seat covers, rattan, manufacturing
  • Seats, toilet, wood, manufacturing
  • Sewing machine cabinets, wood, manufacturing
  • Shoe display forms, all materials, manufacturing
  • Shoe stretchers manufacturing
  • Shoe trees manufacturing
  • Skewers, wood, manufacturing
  • Snow fence, sections or rolls, manufacturing
  • Spars, wood, manufacturing
  • Speaker cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Spigots, wood, manufacturing
  • Spokes, wood, manufacturing
  • Spools (except for textile machinery), wood, manufacturing
  • Stakes, surveyor's, wood, manufacturing
  • Stepladders, wood, manufacturing
  • Stereo cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Stoppers, cork, manufacturing
  • Straw baskets manufacturing
  • Stretchers, curtain, wood, manufacturing
  • Surveyor's stakes, wood, manufacturing
  • Tackle blocks, wood, manufacturing
  • Television cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Tent poles, wood, manufacturing
  • Tile, cork, manufacturing
  • Toilet seats, wood, manufacturing
  • Tool handles, wood, turned and shaped, manufacturing
  • Toothpicks, wood, manufacturing
  • Trays, wood, wicker, and bagasse, manufacturing
  • Trophy bases, wood, manufacturing
  • Veneer work, inlaid, manufacturing
  • Washboards, wood and part wood, manufacturing
  • Webbing, cane, reed, and rattan, manufacturing
  • Willow ware (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Wood flour manufacturing
  • Wood heel blocks manufacturing
  • Wood heels, finished, manufacturing
  • Wood pellets manufacturing
  • Wood wool (excelsior) manufacturing
  • Woodenware, kitchen and household, manufacturing
  • Wrappers, excelsior, manufacturing
  • Yardsticks, wood, manufacturing

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to NAICS Code 321999 - All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing that is a better classification match. Operating sawmills and preserving wood--are classified in NAICS Code 32111 - Sawmills and Wood Preservation; Manufacturing veneer and engineered wood products--are classified in NAICS Code 32121 - Veneer, Plywood, and Engineered Wood Product Manufacturing; Manufacturing millwork--are classified in NAICS Code 32191 - Millwork; Manufacturing boxes, box shook, wood containers, pallets, and wood parts for containers--are classified in NAICS Code 321920 - Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing; Making manufactured homes (i.e., mobile homes)--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 321991 - Manufactured Home (Mobile Home] Manufacturing; and Manufacturing prefabricated wood buildings or wood sections and panels for buildings--are classified in U.S. NAICS Code 321992 - Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing.

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USA Import, Export, and Balance of Trade

Import (USD)


Export (USD)


Balance of Trade (USD)


Top Countries by U.S. Imports

China $1,727,618,476
Canada $441,385,728
Portugal $221,611,374
Brazil $203,858,250
India $150,664,801

Top Countries by U.S. Exports

United Kingdom $656,425,332
Canada $216,444,217
Mexico $86,707,659
Denmark $77,076,857
Belgium $49,948,358

Countries With Highest Trade Surplus

United Kingdom $651,839,150
Denmark $76,282,597
Belgium $49,075,609
Mexico $36,326,622
Dominican Republic $12,103,854

Countries With Highest Trade Deficit

China -$1,717,642,784
Canada -$224,941,511
Portugal -$217,192,871
Brazil -$202,562,468
India -$148,347,944

U.S. Total Import value for NAICS Code 321999 is $3,345,734,212. China, Canada, and Portugal accounted for the top imports of Miscellaneous Wood Products in 2018.

U.S. Total Export value for this industry is $1,251,361,325. United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico accounted for the top exports of Miscellaneous Wood Products in 2018.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the SBA size standard for NAICS 321999?

    Businesses up to 500 Employees in size are considered small businesses by SBA.

  • How many active businesses operate in NAICS Code 321999?

    There are 808 verified business locations operating primarily in this industry.

  • What was the total revenue for NAICS Code 321999?

    In 2017 the total revenue for All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing was $6,908,433,000

  • What was the annual payroll for NAICS Code 321999?

    In 2017 the annual payroll for All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing was $1,266,641,000

  • How many people work in NAICS Code 321999?

    The number of reported paid employees is 34,064.