ISIC Code 2013 - Manufacture Of Plastics And Synthetic Rubber In Primary Forms


This class includes the manufacture of resins, plastics materials and non-vulcanizable thermoplastic elastomers, the mixing and blending of resins on a custom basis, as well as the manufacture of non-customized synthetic resins.

This class includes:

  • Manufacture of plastics in primary forms:
    • Polymers, including those of ethylene, propylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and acrylics
    • Polyamides
    • Phenolic and epoxide resins and polyurethanes
    • Alkyd and polyester resins and polyethers
    • Silicones
    • Ion-exchangers based on polymers
  • Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms:
    • Synthetic rubber
    • Factice
  • Manufacture of mixtures of synthetic rubber and natural rubber or rubber-like gums (e.g. balata)
  • Manufacture of cellulose and its chemical derivatives


This class excludes: