SIC Code 2395 Pleating, Decorative and Novelty Stitching, and Tucking for the Trade




Establishments primarily engaged in pleating, decorative and novelty stitching, and tucking for the trade.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in performing similar services for individuals are classified in service industries. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing trimmings are classified inIndustry 2396.

Illustrative Examples

  • Appliqueing, for the trade
  • Art needlework-mfpm
  • Buttonhole making, except fur: for the trade
  • Crochet ware, machine-made
  • Emblems, embroidered
  • Embroideries: metallic, beaded, and sequined
  • Embroidery products, except Schiffli machine
  • Eyelet making, for the trade
  • Hem-stitching, for the trade
  • Lace, burnt-out
  • Looping, for the trade
  • Permanent pleating and pressing, for the trade
  • Pleating, for the trade
  • Quilted fabrics or cloth
  • Quilting, for the trade
  • Ruffling, for the trade
  • Scalloping, for the trade
  • Stitching, decorative and novelty: for the trade
  • Swiss loom embroideries
  • Tucking, for the trade

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 239501Pleating & Hemstitching (mfrs)
  • 239502Patches (manufacturers)
  • 239503Quilting-manufacturers
  • 239505Scallop Cutting (mfrs)
  • 239507Lace Cutting (mfrs)
  • 239509Eyeletting (mfrs)
  • 239511Tucking (manufacturers)
  • 239598Pleating/stitching/tucking-trade (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2395001Pleating/stitching/tucking-trade Mfg
  • 2395002Quilting & Quilting Supplies
  • 2395003Quilted Fabrics Or Cloth
  • 2395004Quilting Mfg
  • 2395005Embroidery & Art Needlework
  • 2395006Embroidered Emblems
  • 2395007Embroidery Products
  • 2395008Embroidered Art Goods
  • 2395009Decorative Stitching
  • 2395010Art Needlework
  • 2395011Swiss Loom Embroideries
  • 2395012Appliqueing
  • 2395013Patches Mfg
  • 2395014Lace Cutting Mfg
  • 2395015Eyeleting Mfg
  • 2395016Pleating & Hemstitching Mfg
  • 2395017Burnt-out Lace
  • 2395018Looping
  • 2395019Scallop Cutting Mfg
  • 2395020Pleating & Tucking
  • 2395021Permanent Pleating & Pressing
  • 2395022Tucking Mfg
  • 2395023Buttonhole Making (except Fur)
  • 2395024Machine-made Crochet Ware

8-digit SIC

  • 23950000Pleating And Stitching
  • 23950100Quilting And Quilting Supplies
  • 23950101Quilted Fabrics Or Cloth
  • 23950102Quilting: For The Trade
  • 23950200Embroidery And Art Needlework
  • 23950201Art Goods For Embroidering, Stamped: Purchased Materials
  • 23950202Art Needlework: Made From Purchased Materials
  • 23950203Emblems, Embroidered
  • 23950204Embroidery Products, Except Schiffli Machine
  • 23950205Swiss Loom Embroideries
  • 23950300Decorative And Novelty Stitching: For The Trade
  • 23950301Appliqueing: For The Trade
  • 23950302Eyelet Making: For The Trade
  • 23950303Hemstitching: For The Trade
  • 23950304Lace, Burnt-out: For The Trade
  • 23950305Looping: For The Trade
  • 23950307Scalloping: For The Trade
  • 23950400Pleating And Tucking: For The Trade
  • 23950401Permanent Pleating And Pressing: For The Trade
  • 23950402Tucking: For The Trade
  • 23959901Buttonhole Making, Except Fur: For The Trade
  • 23959902Crochet Ware, Machine-made