NAICS Code 333314 Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) manufacturing optical instruments and lens, such as binoculars, microscopes (except electron, proton), telescopes, prisms, and lenses (except ophthalmic); (2) coating or polishing lenses (except ophthalmic); and (3) mounting lenses (except ophthalmic).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing ophthalmic focus lenses: classified in U.S. Industry 339115, Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing electron and proton microscopes: classified in U.S. Industry 334516, Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing molded plastics lens blanks: classified in U.S. Industry 326199, All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing molded glass lens blanks: classified in U.S. Industry 327212, Other Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Binoculars manufacturing
  • Camera lenses manufacturing
  • Comparators, optical, manufacturing
  • Gauges, machinist's precision tool, optical, manufacturing
  • Glasses, field or opera, manufacturing
  • Gratings, diffraction, manufacturing
  • Gun sighting and fire control equipment and instruments, optical, manufacturing
  • Gun sights, optical, manufacturing
  • Instrument lenses manufacturing
  • Interferometers manufacturing
  • Laboratory analytical optical instruments (e.g., microscopes) manufacturing
  • Lens coating (except ophthalmic)
  • Lens grinding (except ophthalmic)
  • Lens mounting (except ophthalmic)
  • Lens polishing (except ophthalmic)
  • Lenses (except ophthalmic) manufacturing
  • Loupes (e.g., jewelers) manufacturing
  • Magnifying glasses (except corrective vision-type) manufacturing
  • Magnifying instruments, optical, manufacturing
  • Microscopes (except electron, proton) manufacturing
  • Mirrors, optical, manufacturing
  • Night vision optical devices manufacturing
  • Optical alignment and display instruments (except photographic) manufacturing
  • Optical gun sighting and fire control equipment and instruments manufacturing
  • Optical test and inspection equipment manufacturing
  • Periscopes manufacturing
  • Photographic lenses manufacturing
  • Prisms, optical, manufacturing
  • Projection lenses manufacturing
  • Reflectors, optical, manufacturing
  • Sights, telescopic, manufacturing
  • Telescopes manufacturing
  • Theodolites manufacturing

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