NAICS Code 238911 - Residential Site Preparation Contractors

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NAICS Code 238911 Description

This BLS industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in residential site preparation activities, such as excavating and grading, demolition of buildings and other structures, septic system installation, and house moving. Earth moving and land clearing for all types of sites (e.g., building, nonbuilding, mining) is included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in construction equipment rental with operator (except cranes) for residential projects are also included.

NAICS Code 238911 - Residential Site Preparation Contractors is a final level code of the “Construction” Sector.

Parent Category - 5-digit Level (less specific)

Industry Examples of NAICS 238911

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 238911 - Residential Site Preparation Contractors are:

  • Aerial or picker truck, construction, rental with operator, residential
  • Backfilling, construction, residential
  • Backhoe rental with operator, residential
  • Blast hole drilling (except mining), residential
  • Blasting, building demolition, residential
  • Blasting, construction site, residential
  • Boring, for building construction, residential
  • Building demolition, residential
  • Bulldozer rental with operator, residential
  • Caisson (i.e., drilled building foundations) construction, residential
  • Cesspool construction, residential
  • Concrete breaking and cutting for demolition, residential
  • Construction equipment (except crane) rental with operator, residential
  • Core drilling and test boring for construction, residential
  • Crawler tractor rental with operator, residential
  • Cutting new rights of way, residential
  • Demolition contractor, residential
  • Demolition, building and structure, residential
  • Dewatering contractors, residential
  • Digging foundations, residential
  • Dirt moving for construction, residential
  • Dismantling engineering structures (e.g., oil storage tank), residential
  • Drainage system (e.g., cesspool, septic tank) installation, residential
  • Drilled pier (i.e., for building foundations) contractors, residential
  • Drilled shaft (i.e., drilled building foundations) construction, residential
  • Dry well construction, residential
  • Equipment rental (except crane), construction, with operator, residential
  • Excavating, earthmoving or land clearing, mining (except overburden removal at open pit mine sites or quarries), residential
  • Excavating, earthmoving, or land clearing contractors, residential
  • Excavation contractors, residential
  • Foundation digging (i.e., excavation), residential
  • Foundation drilling contractors, residential
  • Grading construction sites, residential
  • Grave excavation contractors, residential
  • Ground thawing for construction site digging, residential
  • House demolishing, residential
  • House razing, residential
  • Hydrodemolition (i.e., demolition with pressurized water) contractors, residential
  • Land clearing, residential
  • Land leveling contractors, residential
  • Line slashing or cutting (except maintenance), residential
  • Machinery, construction (except cranes), rental with operator, residential
  • Mine site preparation and related construction activities, construction contractors, residential
  • Pile driving, building foundation, residential
  • Piling (i.e., bored, cast-in-place, drilled), building foundation, contractors, residential
  • Power shovel, construction, rental with operator, residential
  • Power, communication and pipe line right of way clearance (except maintenance), residential
  • Right of way cutting (except maintenance), residential
  • Septic system contractors, residential
  • Septic tank and weeping tile installation, residential
  • Soil compacting, residential
  • Soil test drilling, residential
  • Test boring for construction, residential
  • Trenching (except underwater), residential
  • Underground tank (except hazardous material) removal, residential
  • Weeping tile installation, residential
  • Wrecking, building or other structure, residential


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