ISIC Code 1709 - Manufacture Of Other Articles Of Paper And Paperboard


This class includes:

  • Manufacture of household and personal hygiene paper and cellulose wadding products:
    • Cleansing tissues
    • Handkerchiefs, towels, serviettes
    • Toilet paper
    • Sanitary towels and tampons, napkins and napkin liners for babies
    • Cups, dishes and trays
  • Manufacture of textile wadding and articles of wadding: sanitary towels, tampons etc.
  • Manufacture of printing and writing paper ready for use
  • Manufacture of computer printout paper ready for use
  • Manufacture of self-copy paper ready for use
  • Manufacture of duplicator stencils and carbon paper ready for use
  • Manufacture of gummed or adhesive paper ready for use
  • Manufacture of envelopes and letter-cards
  • Manufacture of registers, accounting books, binders, albums and similar educational and commercial stationery
  • Manufacture of boxes, pouches, wallets and writing compendiums containing an assortment of paper stationery
  • Manufacture of wallpaper and similar wall coverings, including vinyl-coated and textile wallpaper
  • Manufacture of labels
  • Manufacture of filter paper and paperboard
  • Manufacture of paper and paperboard bobbins, spools, cops etc.
  • Manufacture of egg trays and other moulded pulp packaging products etc.
  • Manufacture of paper novelties


This class excludes:

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