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Establishments primarily engaged in printing by the lithographic process. The greater part of the work in this industry is performed on a job or custom basis; but in some cases lithographed calendars, maps, posters, decalcomanias, or other products are made for sale. Offset printing, photo-offset printing, and photolithographing are also included in this industry.


SIC Code 2752 - Commercial Printing, Lithographic is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 18,029 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 122,202 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 2752 - Commercial Printing, Lithographic are:

  • Advertising posters, lithographed
  • Atlases, lithographed
  • Billheads, lithographed
  • Bread wrappers, lithographed
  • Business forms, except manifold: lithographed
  • Calendars, lithographed: not published
  • Cards, lithographed
  • Circulars, lithographed
  • Color cards, paint: offset printing
  • Color lithography
  • Coupons, lithographed
  • Decalcomanias (dry transfers), lithographed
  • Fashion plates, lithographed
  • Instant printing, except photocopy service
  • Labels, lithographed
  • Letters, circular and form: lithographed
  • Lithographing on metal or paper
  • Maps, lithographed
  • Menus, lithographed
  • Newspapers, lithographed: not published
  • Offset printing
  • Periodicals, lithographed: not published
  • Photo-offset printing
  • Photolithographing
  • Planographing
  • Playing cards, lithographed
  • Postcards, picture: lithographed
  • Posters, lithographed
  • Printing from lithographic or offset plates
  • Printing, commercial or job: lithographic and offset
  • Printing, lithographic
  • Quick printing, except photocopy service
  • Schedules, transportation: lithographic
  • Seals, lithographed
  • Souvenir cards, lithographed
  • Tags, lithographed
  • Tickets, lithographed
  • Trading stamps, lithographed
  • Transferring designs (lithographing)
  • Transfers, decalcomania and dry: lithographed
  • Visiting cards, lithographed
  • Wrappers, lithographed

Industry Image

Example photo for industry SIC 2752 - Commercial Printing, Lithographic. This image represents an activity or product found in this industry.


For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 2752 - Commercial Printing, Lithographic that is a better classification match.

Establishments primarily engaged in lithographing books and pamphlets, without publishing, are classified in SIC Code - 2732. Establishments primarily engaged in publishing or printing greeting cards are classified in SIC Code - 2771. Establishments primarily engaged in preparing lithographic or offset plates and in related services are classified in SIC Code - 2796. Establishments primarily engaged in providing photocopying services are classified in SIC Code - 7334.

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Industry Executives

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  • C-Level
  • Director
  • Engineering
  • Executive Director
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • IT
  • Manager
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Owner
  • Partner
  • President
  • Principal
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Vice President

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Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 2752

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 2752 – Commercial Printing, Lithographic. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 275201Post Cards (manufacturers)
  • 275202Printers (manufacturers)
  • 275203Posters (manufacturers)
  • 275205Printing Brokers (manufacturers)
  • 275206Menu Service (manufacturers)
  • 275207Color Sprtns-Offset Photo Engrave (manufacturers)
  • 275208Offset Reproductions (manufacturers)
  • 275209Decals (manufacturers)
  • 275210Transfers-Dry (manufacturers)
  • 275212Calendars (manufacturers)
  • 275216Announcements (manufacturers)
  • 275217Lithographic Composition (manufacturers)
  • 275219Plastic Cards (manufacturers)
  • 275220Printmaking Workshops (manufacturers)
  • 275221Color Separations-Graphic Arts (manufacturers)
  • 275298Commercial Printing-Lithographic (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 2752001Commercial Printing-Lithographic (manufacturers)
  • 2752001Printers (manufacturers)
  • 2752002Offset & Photolithographic Printing
  • 2752003Offset Printing
  • 2752004Metal Lithographing
  • 2752005Lithographic Business Form & Card Printing
  • 2752006Color Lithography
  • 2752007Photo-Offset Printing
  • 2752008Lithographic Promotional Printing
  • 2752009Lithographed Business Forms
  • 2752010Lithographed Circular Or Form Letters
  • 2752011Decals (manufacturers)
  • 2752012Photolithographic Printing
  • 2752013Lithographed Advertising Posters
  • 2752014Lithographic Publication Printing
  • 2752015Lithographed Catalogs
  • 2752016Calendars (manufacturers)
  • 2752017Lithographed Cards
  • 2752018Posters (manufacturers)
  • 2752019Lithographed Circulars
  • 2752020Lithographed Coupons
  • 2752021Printing Brokers (manufacturers)
  • 2752022Lithographed Billheads
  • 2752023Color Separation-Offset Photo Engrave (manufacturers)
  • 2752023Color Sprtns-Offset Photo Engrave (manufacturers)
  • 2752024Lithographed Visiting Cards
  • 2752025Offset Reproductions (manufacturers)
  • 2752026Announcements (manufacturers)
  • 2752027Lithographic Calendar & Card Printing
  • 2752028Lithographic Composition (manufacturers)
  • 2752029Lithographed Playing Cards
  • 2752030Plastic Cards (manufacturers)
  • 2752031Post Cards (manufacturers)
  • 2752032Printmaking Workshops (manufacturers)
  • 2752033Lithographed Souvenir Cards
  • 2752034Color Separations-Graphic Arts (manufacturers)
  • 2752035Lithographic Atlas & Map Printing
  • 2752036Lithographed Atlases
  • 2752037Lithographed Maps
  • 2752038Lithographic Poster & Decal Printing
  • 2752039Transfers-Dry (manufacturers)
  • 2752040Lithographic Tag, Ticket & Schedule Printing
  • 2752041Lithographed Transportation Schedules
  • 2752042Lithographed Tags
  • 2752043Lithographed Tickets
  • 2752044Lithographic Wrapper & Seal Printing
  • 2752045Lithographed Seals
  • 2752046Lithographed Wrappers
  • 2752047Lithographed Newspapers
  • 2752048Lithographed Periodicals
  • 2752049Lithographed Fashion Plates
  • 2752050Menu Services (manufacturers)
  • 2752051Lithographed Trading Stamps

8-digit SIC

  • 27520000Commercial Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520100Offset And Photolithographic Printing
  • 27520101Offset Printing
  • 27520102Photo-Offset Printing
  • 27520103Photolithographic Printing
  • 27520200Promotional Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520201Advertising Posters, Lithographed
  • 27520202Catalogs, Lithographed
  • 27520203Circulars, Lithographed
  • 27520204Coupons, Lithographed
  • 27520300Business Form And Card Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520301Billheads, Lithographed
  • 27520302Forms, Business: Lithographed
  • 27520303Visiting Cards, Lithographed
  • 27520400Calendar And Card Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520401Calendars, Lithographed
  • 27520402Cards, Lithographed
  • 27520403Playing Cards, Lithographed
  • 27520404Post Cards, Picture: Lithographed
  • 27520405Souvenir Cards, Lithographed
  • 27520500Atlas And Map Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520501Atlases, Lithographed
  • 27520502Maps, Lithographed
  • 27520600Poster And Decal Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520601Decals, Lithographed
  • 27520602Posters, Lithographed
  • 27520603Transfers, Decalcomania Or Dry: Lithographed
  • 27520700Tag, Ticket, And Schedule Printing: Lithographic
  • 27520701Schedules, Transportation: Lithographed
  • 27520702Tags, Lithographed
  • 27520703Tickets, Lithographed
  • 27520800Wrapper And Seal Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520801Seals, Lithographed
  • 27520802Wrappers, Lithographed
  • 27520900Publication Printing, Lithographic
  • 27520901Newspapers, Lithographed Only
  • 27520902Periodicals, Lithographed
  • 27529901Color Lithography
  • 27529902Fashion Plates, Lithographed
  • 27529903Letters, Circular Or Form: Lithographed
  • 27529904Lithographing On Metal
  • 27529905Menus, Lithographed
  • 27529907Trading Stamps, Lithographed