SIC Code 2011 Meat Packing Plants




Establishments primarily engaged in the slaughtering, for their own account or on a contract basis for the trade, of cattle, hogs, sheep, lambs, and calves for meat to be sold or to be used on the same premises in canning, cooking, curing, and freezing, and in making sausage, lard, and other products. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in slaughtering horses for human consumption.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in slaughtering, dressing, and packing poultry, rabbits, and other small game are classified inIndustry 2016; and those primarily engaged in slaughtering and processing animals not for human consumption are classified in Industry 2048. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sausages and meat specialties from purchased meats are classified in Industry 2013; and establishments primarily engaged in canning meat for baby food are classified in Industry 2032

Illustrative Examples

  • Bacon, slab and sliced-mitse
  • Beef-mitse
  • Blood meal
  • Boxed beef-mitse
  • Canned meats, except baby foods and animal feeds-mitse
  • Corned beef-mitse
  • Cured meats-mitse
  • Dried meats-mitse
  • Frankfurters, except poultry-mitse
  • Hams, except poultry-mitse
  • Hides and skins, cured or uncured
  • Horsemeat for human consumption-mitse
  • Lamb-mitse
  • Lard-mitse
  • Luncheon meat, except poultry-mitse
  • Meat extracts-mitse
  • Meat packing plants
  • Meat-mitse
  • Mutton-mitse
  • Pork-mitse
  • Sausages-mitse
  • Slaughtering plants: except animals not for human consumption
  • Variety meats edible organs-mitse
  • Veal-mitse

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 201101Meat Packers (mfrs)
  • 201102Delicatessen Products (manufacturers)
  • 201103Sausage Makers (mfrs)
  • 201104Meat Products (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2011001Meat Products Mfg
  • 2011002Beef Products Mfg
  • 2011003Pork Products Mfg
  • 2011004Boxed Beef Mfg
  • 2011005Corned Beef Mfg
  • 2011006Veal Mfg
  • 2011007Bacon Mfg
  • 2011008Hams & Picnics Mfg
  • 2011009Lamb Products Mfg
  • 2011010Mutton Mfg
  • 2011011Meat By-products Mfg
  • 2011012Blood Meal
  • 2011013Cured Or Uncured Hides Mfg
  • 2011014Lard Mfg
  • 2011015Canned Meats Mfg
  • 2011016Cured Meats Mfg
  • 2011017Dried Meats Mfg
  • 2011018Frankfurters Mfg
  • 2011019Edible Horse Meat Mfg
  • 2011020Luncheon Meat Mfg
  • 2011021Sausage Makers Mfg
  • 2011022Variety Meats Mfg
  • 2011023Delicatessen Products Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 20110000Meat Packing Plants
  • 20110100Beef Products, From Beef Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110101Boxed Beef, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110102Corned Beef, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110103Veal, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110200Pork Products, From Pork Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110201Bacon, Slab And Sliced, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110202Hams And Picnics, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110300Lamb Products, From Lamb Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110301Mutton, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110400Meat By-products, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110401Blood Meal
  • 20110402Hides, Cured Or Uncured: From Carcasses Slaughtered On Site
  • 20110403Lard, From Carcasses Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119901Canned Meats (except Baby Food), Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119902Cured Meats, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119903Dried Meats, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119904Frankfurters, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119905Horse Meat, For Human Consumption: Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119906Luncheon Meat, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119907Sausages, From Meat Slaughtered On Site
  • 20119908Variety Meats, Fresh Edible Organs
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:4254

Est. Employment:72370