NAICS Code 332510 Hardware Manufacturing




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal hardware, such as metal hinges, metal handles, keys, and locks (except coin-operated, time locks).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers, hose clamps, and turn-buckles: classified in U.S. Industry 332722, Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing nails and spikes from wire drawn elsewhere: classified in U.S. Industry 332618, Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing metal furniture parts (except hardware): classified in U.S. Industry 337215, Showcase, Partition, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing
  • Drawing wire and manufacturing nails and spikes: classified in Subsector 331, Primary Metal Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing pole line and transmission hardware: classified in U.S. Industry 335932, Noncurrent- Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing coin-operated locking mechanisms: classified in U.S. Industry 333318, Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing time locks: classified in U.S. Industry 334519, Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing fireplace fixtures and equipment, traps, handcuffs and leg irons, ladder jacks, and other like metal products: classified in U.S. Industry 332999, All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal ProductManufacturing
  • Manufacturing fire hose nozzles and couplings: classified in U.S. Industry 332919, Other Metal Valve and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing luggage and utility racks: classified in Industry 336390, Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Aircraft hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Appliance hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Automobile hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Brackets (i.e., builder's hardware-type), metal, manufacturing
  • Builder's hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Cabinet hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Casket hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Casters, furniture, metal manufacturing
  • Casters, industrial, metal, manufacturing
  • Dead bolts, metal, manufacturing
  • Door locks, metal, manufacturing
  • Door opening and closing devices (except electrical), metal, manufacturing
  • Furniture hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Gun trigger locks, metal, manufacturing
  • Hinges, metal, manufacturing
  • Key blanks, metal, manufacturing
  • Locks (except coin-operated, time locks), metal, manufacturing
  • Luggage hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Marine hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Padlocks, metal, manufacturing
  • Piano hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Suitcase hardware, metal, manufacturing

Industry Leaders