SIC Code 3569 General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, not elsewhere classified




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery, equipment, and components for general industrial use, and for which no special classification is provided.

Cross References

Machine shops primarily engaged in producing machine and equipment parts, usually on a job or order basis, are classified in Industry 3599.

Illustrative Examples

  • Altitude testing chambers
  • Baling machines for scrap metal, paper, and similar materialsBlast cleaning equipment, dustless: except metalworkingBrake burnishing and washing machinesBridge and gate machinery, hydraulicBurnishing and washing machines, brakeCentrifuges, industrialCremating ovensDriers and reel, firehoseFilter elements, fluid: hydraulic lineFilters, fluid, general line industrial: except internal combustionFilters, pipelineFirefighting apparatus, except automotive and chemicalFirehose, except rubberGas producers (machinery)Gas separators (machinery)Generators, gasGenerators: steam, liquid oxygen, and nitrogenHeaters, swimming pool: electricHose, fire: except rubberIce crushers, except householdJacks, hydraulic: for general industrial useLubricating systems, centralizedLubrication equipment, industrialLubrication machinery, automaticOrdnance testing chambersOvens, surveillance: for aging and testing powderPowder testing chambersPresses, metal balingPurifiers, centrifugalReels and racks, firehoseRobots for general industrial useScreening and sifting machines for general industrial useScrews, jackSeparators for steam, gas, vapor, and air (machinery)Sifting and screening machines for general industrial useSprinkler systems, fire: automaticSteam separators (machinery)Strainers, pipelineTemperature testing chambersTesting chambers for altitude, temperature, ordnance, and powerVapor separators (machinery)

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 356901Screening & Sifting Equipment (mfrs)
  • 356902Centrifugal Machinery (manufacturers)
  • 356903Tying Machines (manufacturers)
  • 356904Filters-liquid (manufacturers)
  • 356905Filtering Materials & Supplies (mfrs)
  • 356906Lubricating Devices & Systems (mfrs)
  • 356907Automation Systems & Equipment Mfg
  • 356908Baling Equipment & Suppliess-manufacturers
  • 356909Crematories-manufacturers
  • 356910Fire Protection Equipment & Suppliess Mfg
  • 356911Hose-industrial-manufacturers
  • 356912Robots-manufacturers
  • 356913Sprinklers-automatic-fire-manufacturers
  • 356914Ozone Machines (manufacturers)
  • 356915Spill Control Equip & Materials (mfrs)
  • 356916Filters-chemical (manufacturers)
  • 356917Fire Department Equipment & Suppliess Mfg
  • 356918Purifiers-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 356919Hose Racks & Reels (manufacturers)
  • 356920Ice Crushers (manufacturers)
  • 356921Gas Purifiers (manufacturers)
  • 356922Gasoline Plant Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 356998General Ind Machinery/equip Nec (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3569001General Industrial Machinery/equip Nec Mfg
  • 3569002Filters
  • 3569003Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3569004Non-metalworking Assembly Machines
  • 3569005Industrial Filters
  • 3569006Robots Mfg
  • 3569007Sprinklers-automatic-fire Mfg
  • 3569008Liquid Automation Machinery & Equipment
  • 3569009Lubricating Equipment
  • 3569010General Industrial Machinery-gas Related
  • 3569011General Industrial Machinery-hydraulic Jacks
  • 3569012Centrifugal Machinery Mfg
  • 3569013Filter Elements, Fluid, Hydraulic Line
  • 3569014Tying Machines Mfg
  • 3569015Filters & Strainers, Pipeline
  • 3569016Firefighting Apparatus
  • 3569017Firehose Equipment-driers, Rack & Reels
  • 3569018Filtering Materials & Supplies Mfg
  • 3569019Firehose (except Rubber)
  • 3569020Automation Systems & Equipment Mfg
  • 3569021Baling Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3569022Lubricating Devices & Systems Mfg
  • 3569023Crematories Mfg
  • 3569024Lubrication Machinery, Automatic
  • 3569025Gas Generators
  • 3569026Hose-industrial Mfg
  • 3569027Gas Producers-machinery
  • 3569028Ozone Machines Mfg
  • 3569029Gas Separators-machinery
  • 3569030Spill Control Equipment & Materials Mfg
  • 3569031Generators-steam, Liquid Oxygen Or Nitrogen
  • 3569032Filters-chemical Mfg
  • 3569033Separators For Steam, Gas, Vapor Or Air
  • 3569034Baling Machines, For Scrap Metal, Paper Or Similar Material
  • 3569035Fire Department Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3569036Purifiers-industrial Mfg
  • 3569037Blast Cleaning Equipment, Dustless
  • 3569038Hose Racks & Reels Mfg
  • 3569039Brake Burnishing Or Washing Machines
  • 3569040Gas Purifiers Mfg
  • 3569041Bridge Or Gate Machinery, Hydraulic
  • 3569042Gasoline Plant Equipment Mfg
  • 3569043Centrifugal Purifiers
  • 3569044Centrifuges, Industrial
  • 3569045Cremating Ovens
  • 3569046Heaters-swimming Pool-electric
  • 3569047Ice Crushers Mfg
  • 3569048Jack Screws
  • 3569049Screening & Sifting Equipment Mfg
  • 3569050Surveillance Ovens For Aging & Testing Powder
  • 3569051Testing Chambers For Altitude, Temperature Ordnance, Power
  • 3569052Industrial Shock Absorbers
  • 3569053Lubrication Equipment, Industrial

8-digit SIC

  • 35690000General Industrial Machinery, Nec
  • 35690100Filters
  • 35690101Filter Elements, Fluid, Hydraulic Line
  • 35690102Filters And Strainers, Pipeline
  • 35690103Filters, General Line: Industrial
  • 35690200Firefighting And Related Equipment
  • 35690201Firefighting Apparatus
  • 35690202Firehose Equipment: Driers, Rack, And Reels
  • 35690203Firehose, Except Rubber
  • 35690204Sprinkler Systems, Fire: Automatic
  • 35690300Lubricating Equipment
  • 35690301Lubricating Systems, Centralized
  • 35690302Lubrication Equipment, Industrial
  • 35690303Lubrication Machinery, Automatic
  • 35690400Gas Producers, Generators, And Other Gas Related Equipment
  • 35690401Gas Generators
  • 35690402Gas Producers (machinery)
  • 35690403Gas Separators (machinery)
  • 35690404Generators: Steam, Liquid Oxygen, Or Nitrogen
  • 35690405Separators For Steam, Gas, Vapor, Or Air (machinery)
  • 35699901Assembly Machines, Non-metalworking
  • 35699902Baling Machines, For Scrap Metal, Paper, Or Similar Material
  • 35699903Blast Cleaning Equipment, Dustless
  • 35699904Brake Burnishing Or Washing Machines
  • 35699905Bridge Or Gate Machinery, Hydraulic
  • 35699906Centrifugal Purifiers
  • 35699907Centrifuges, Industrial
  • 35699908Cremating Ovens
  • 35699909Heaters, Swimming Pool: Electric
  • 35699910Ice Crushers (machinery)
  • 35699911Jack Screws
  • 35699912Jacks, Hydraulic
  • 35699913Liquid Automation Machinery And Equipment
  • 35699914Robots, Assembly Line: Industrial And Commercial
  • 35699915Sifting And Screening Machines
  • 35699916Surveillance Ovens For Aging And Testing Powder
  • 35699917Testing Chambers For Altitude, Temperature, Ordnance, Power
  • 35699918Industrial Shock Absorbers