SIC Code 2381 Dress and Work Gloves, except Knit and All-Leather




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dress, semidress, and work gloves and mittens from purchased woven or knit fabrics, or from these materials combined with leather or plastics.

Cross References

Knitting mills primarily engaged in manufacturing gloves and mittens are classified inIndustry 2259; establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather gloves are classified in Industry 3151; those manufacturing sporting and athletic gloves are classified in Industry 3949; and those manufacturing safety gloves are classified in Industry 3842

Illustrative Examples

  • Dyeing gloves, woven or knit: for the trade
  • Glove linings, except fur
  • Gloves and mittens, woven or knit-mfpm
  • Key:mfpm - made from purchased materials

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 238101Gloves-work & Industrial-manufacturers
  • 238198Dress/work Gloves-ex Knit/leather (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2381001Dress/work Gloves-ex Knit/leather Mfg
  • 2381002Woven Or Knit Dyeing Gloves Mfg
  • 2381003Glove Linings (except Fur)
  • 2381004Woven Or Knit Work Gloves Mfg
  • 2381005Gloves-work & Industrial Mfg
  • 2381006Woven Or Knit Mittens Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 23810000Fabric Dress And Work Gloves
  • 23819901Dyeing Gloves, Woven Or Knit: For The Trade
  • 23819902Glove Linings, Except Fur
  • 23819903Gloves, Work: Woven Or Knit, Made From Purchased Materials
  • 23819904Gloves, Woven Or Knit: Made From Purchased Materials
  • 23819905Mittens, Woven Or Knit: Made From Purchased Materials