NAICS Code 334512 Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residential, Commercial, and Appliance Use




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing automatic controls and regulators for applications, such as heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and appliances.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Manufacturing industrial process controls: classified in U.S. Industry 334513, Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables
  • Manufacturing motor control switches and relays: classified in U.S. Industry 335314, Relay and Industrial Control Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing switches for appliances: classified in U.S. Industry 335931, Current-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing appliance timers: classified in U.S. Industry 334519, Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing.

Industries Included

  • Air flow controllers (except valves), air-conditioning and refrigeration, manufacturing
  • Appliance controls manufacturing
  • Appliance regulators (except switches) manufacturing
  • Building services monitoring controls, automatic, manufacturing
  • Clothes dryer controls, including dryness controls, manufacturing
  • Combination limit and fan controls manufacturing
  • Combination oil and hydronic controls manufacturing
  • Computerized environmental control systems for buildings manufacturing
  • Damper operators (e.g., electric, pneumatic, thermostatic) manufacturing
  • Electric air cleaner controls, automatic, manufacturing
  • Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controls, manufacturing
  • Electric space heater controls, automatic, manufacturing
  • Energy cutoff controls, residential and commercial types, manufacturing
  • Fan controls, temperature responsive, manufacturing
  • Flame safety controls for furnaces and boilers manufacturing
  • Float controls, residential and commercial types, manufacturing
  • Gas burner automatic controls (except valves) manufacturing
  • Gradual switches, pneumatic, manufacturing
  • Heating and cooling system controls, residential and commercial, manufacturing
  • Heating regulators manufacturing
  • Humidistats (e.g., duct, skeleton, wall) manufacturing
  • Humidity controls, air-conditioning-type, manufacturing
  • Hydronic circulator control, automatic, manufacturing
  • Hydronic limit control manufacturing
  • Hydronic limit, pressure, and temperature controls, manufacturing
  • Ice bank controls manufacturing
  • Ice maker controls manufacturing
  • Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic, manufacturing
  • In-built thermostats, filled system and bimetal types, manufacturing
  • Incinerator control systems, residential and commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Light responsive appliance controls manufacturing
  • Limit controls (e.g., air-conditioning, appliance, heating) manufacturing
  • Line or limit control for electric heat manufacturing
  • Liquid level controls, residential and commercial heating-type, manufacturing
  • Oven temperature controls, nonindustrial, manufacturing
  • Pneumatic relays, air-conditioning-type, manufacturing
  • Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system-type, manufacturing
  • Pressurestats manufacturing
  • Primary oil burner controls (e.g., cadmium cells, stack controls) manufacturing
  • Refrigeration controls, residential and commercial-type, manufacturing
  • Refrigeration thermostats manufacturing
  • Refrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls manufacturing
  • Room thermostats manufacturing
  • Sequencing controls for electric heating equipment manufacturing
  • Static pressure regulators manufacturing
  • Steam pressure controls, residential and commercial heating-type, manufacturing
  • Surface burner controls, temperature, manufacturing
  • Switches, pneumatic positioning remote, manufacturing
  • Switches, thermostatic, manufacturing
  • Temperature controls, automatic, residential and commercial-types, manufacturing
  • Temperature sensors for motor windings manufacturing
  • Thermocouples, glass vacuum, manufacturing
  • Thermostats (e.g., air-conditioning, appliance, comfort heating, refrigeration) manufacturing
  • Time program controls, air-conditioning systems, manufacturing
  • Vapor heating controls manufacturing
  • Water heater controls manufacturing

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