NAICS Code 313230 Nonwoven Fabric Mills




This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonwoven fabrics and felts. Processes used include bonding and/or interlocking fibers by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or solvent means, or by combinations thereof.

Industries Included

  • Air laid nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
  • Blankets, nonwoven fabric, manufacturing
  • Bonded-fiber fabrics manufacturing
  • Carded nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
  • Carpet paddings, nonwoven, manufacturing
  • Fabrics, nonwoven, manufacturing
  • Felts, nonwoven, manufacturing
  • Melt blown nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
  • Nonwoven fabric tapes manufacturing
  • Nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
  • Nonwoven felts manufacturing
  • Pads and wadding, nonwoven, manufacturing
  • Pressed felts manufacturing
  • Punched felts manufacturing
  • Ribbons made in nonwoven fabric mills
  • Spunbonded fabrics manufacturing
  • Tapes, nonwoven fabric, manufacturing
  • Wet laid nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
  • Wipes, nonwoven fabric, manufacturing

Industry Leaders