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Establishments primarily engaged in providing professional engineering services. establishments primarily providing and supervising their own engineering staff on temporary contract to other firms are included in this industry.


SIC Code 8711 - Engineering Services is a final level code of the “Services” Division. There are 44,716 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 1,394,464 people.

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Extended SIC Codes (6-digit) for Engineering Services

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 8711 - Engineering Services are:

  • Designing ship, boat, and machine
  • Engineering services: industrial, civil, electrical, mechanical,
  • Machine tool designers
  • Marine engineering services
  • Petroleum engineering services

Industry Image

Example photo for industry SIC 8711 - Engineering Services. This image represents an activity or product found in this industry.


For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 8711 - Engineering Services that is a better classification match. Establishments providing engineering personnel, but not general supervision, are classified in SIC Code - 7363. Establishments primarily engaged in providing architectural engineering services are classified in SIC Code - 8712, and those providing photogrammetric engineering services are classified in industry 8713.

Companies compiles comprehensive business data and executive contact leads for businesses within SIC Code 8711 - Engineering Services. Some of the leading and most notable companies are listed below. To order a list of companies within SIC Code 8711 - Engineering Services for marketing (postal mailing, telemarketing, emailing) or analytics-use, click on the link below to “Buy Business List”. Our data analysts are standing by to assist in your list setup and target marketing.

Industry Executives

Would you like to email executives in SIC Code 8711 - Engineering Services? Below are some of the common job titles available to be targeted.

  • Business Development
  • Chairman
  • C-Level
  • Director
  • Engineering
  • Executive Director
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • IT
  • Manager
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Owner
  • Partner
  • President
  • Principal
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Vice President

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Alternative SIC Code Categories for SIC 8711

For business marketing and targeting purposes, please refer to the Extended SIC Codes (6-digit).

7-digit SIC

  • 8711001Engineering
  • 8711002Consulting Engineers
  • 8711003Civil Engineers
  • 8711004Electronic Engineers
  • 8711005Building Construction Consultants
  • 8711006Structural Engineers
  • 8711007Professional Engineers
  • 8711008Mechanical Engineers
  • 8711009Construction & Civil Engineering
  • 8711010Ship Or Boat Designing
  • 8711011Aeronautical Engineers
  • 8711012Industrial Engineers
  • 8711013Energy Conservation Engineering
  • 8711014Machine Tools-Designers & Consultants
  • 8711015Marine Engineers
  • 8711016Heating & Ventilation Engineering
  • 8711017Pollution Control Engineering
  • 8711018Petroleum Engineers
  • 8711019Fire Protection Engineering
  • 8711020Chemical Engineers
  • 8711021Acoustical Engineers
  • 8711022Sanitary Engineers
  • 8711023Mining Engineers
  • 8711024Petroleum, Mining & Chemical Engineers
  • 8711025Naval Architects
  • 8711026Acoustical Consultants
  • 8711027Agricultural Engineers
  • 8711028Job Shops Engineers
  • 8711029Engineering Contractors General
  • 8711029General Contracting Engineers
  • 8711030Engineers
  • 8711031Air Cond Heating Ventilating Engineers
  • 8711032Construction Engineers
  • 8711033Drainage Engineers
  • 8711034Control Systems Engineers
  • 8711035Electrical Engineers
  • 8711036Foundation Engineers
  • 8711037Geological Engineers
  • 8711038Geotechnical Engineers
  • 8711039Environmental Engineers
  • 8711040Hydraulic Engineers
  • 8711041Municipal Engineers
  • 8711042Land Planning Engineers
  • 8711043Management Engineers
  • 8711044Metallurgical Engineers
  • 8711045Traffic & Transportation Engineers
  • 8711046Manufacturing Engineers
  • 8711047Water Supply Engineers
  • 8711048Testing Engineers
  • 8711049Processing Engineers
  • 8711050Solar Engineers
  • 8711051Designing Engineers
  • 8711052Machinery Designing Engineers
  • 8711053Vibration Measurement Services
  • 8711054Inspecting Engineers
  • 8711055Refrigerating Engineers
  • 8711056Lighting Engineers
  • 8711057Corrosion Engineers
  • 8711058Cost Engineers
  • 8711059Energy Management Engineers
  • 8711060Material Handling Engineers
  • 8711061Nuclear Engineers
  • 8711062Machine Design Engineers
  • 8711063Highways & Bridges Engineers
  • 8711064Power Engineers
  • 8711065Research Engineers
  • 8711066Safety Engineers
  • 8711067Transportation Engineers
  • 8711068Waste Water Treatment Engineers
  • 8711069Irrigation Engineers
  • 8711070Petroleum Refining & Transmission Engineers
  • 8711071Automotive Engineers
  • 8711072Gas Engineers
  • 8711073Plumbing Engineers
  • 8711074Pipe Line Engineers
  • 8711075Technical Services Engineers
  • 8711076Concrete Technologists
  • 8711077Pneumatic Engineers
  • 8711078Earthquake Engineers
  • 8711079Plastic Engineers
  • 8711080Training & Publishing Engineers
  • 8711081Building Moving Engineers
  • 8711082Thermal & Moisture Protection Engineers
  • 8711083Computer Engineers
  • 8711084Textile Engineers
  • 8711085Fiberglass Engineers
  • 8711086Engineering & Architectural Services

8-digit SIC

  • 87110000Engineering Services
  • 87110100Sanitary Engineers
  • 87110101Pollution Control Engineering
  • 87110200Industrial Engineers
  • 87110201Machine Tool Design
  • 87110202Mechanical Engineering
  • 87110300Petroleum, Mining, And Chemical Engineers
  • 87110301Chemical Engineering
  • 87110302Mining Engineer
  • 87110303Petroleum Engineering
  • 87110400Construction And Civil Engineering
  • 87110401Building Construction Consultant
  • 87110402Civil Engineering
  • 87110403Heating And Ventilation Engineering
  • 87110404Structural Engineering
  • 87119901Acoustical Engineering
  • 87119902Aviation And/or Aeronautical Engineering
  • 87119903Consulting Engineer
  • 87119904Designing: Ship, Boat, Machine, And Product
  • 87119905Electrical Or Electronic Engineering
  • 87119906Energy Conservation Engineering
  • 87119907Fire Protection Engineering
  • 87119908Marine Engineering
  • 87119909Professional Engineer

Questions & Answers

  • What is the SIC Code for Engineering Companies?

    The SIC Code for Engineering companies is SIC 8711 – Engineering Services. This includes 78 specializations within this field. To view the specializations, please see the SIC Code Extended categories.

  • How many Structural Engineering companies are there in the USA?

    This number varies from year to year however there are over 2,000 companies classified as Structural Engineering companies as their primary line of business according to the latest tally.

  • How many Engineering companies have revenues over $1 Billion?

    There are over 15 Engineering companies with revenues over $1 Billion. The majority of engineering companies are smaller companies with revenues less than $5 million per year.

  • Are there Engineering companies in every state?

    Yes, there are actually over 100 engineering companies in every state. The state of Delaware has the least amount of engineering companies with 129. Some of the other states with a limited number of engineering companies include Alaska, Arkansas, Maine, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.