SIC Code 3728 - Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified

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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment, not elsewhere classified. This industry also includes establishments owned by manufacturers of aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment and primarily engaged in research and development on aircraft parts, whether from enterprise funds or on a contract or fee basis.


SIC Code 3728 - Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 697 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 56,434 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3728 - Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified are:

  • Adapter assemblies, hydromatic propeller
  • Ailerons, aircraft
  • Aircraft armament, except guns
  • Aircraft arresting device system
  • Aircraft assemblies, sub?assemblies, and parts, except engines
  • Aircraft body assemblies and parts
  • Aircraft power transmission equipment
  • Aircraft propeller parts
  • Airframe assemblies, except for guided missiles
  • Airplane brake expanders
  • Alighting assemblies (landing gear), aircraft Beaching gear, aircraft
  • Blades, aircraft propeller: metal or wood
  • Bomb racks, aircraft
  • Brakes, aircraft
  • Chaffing dispensers, aircraft
  • Countermeasure dispensers, aircraft
  • Deicing equipment, aircraft
  • Dive brakes, aircraft
  • Dusting and spraying equipment, aircraft
  • Dynetric balancing stands, aircraft
  • Elevators, aircraft
  • Empennage (tail) assemblies and parts aircraft
  • Fins, aircraft
  • Flaps, aircraft wing
  • Fuel tanks, aircraft: including self-sealing
  • Fuselage assemblies, aircraft
  • Gears, power transmission: aircraft
  • Governors, aircraft propeller feathering
  • Hubs, aircraft propeller
  • Instrument panel mockups: aircraft training units
  • Landing gear, aircraft
  • Landing skis and tracks, aircraft
  • Link trainers (aircraft training mechanisms)
  • Nacelles, aircraft
  • Oleo struts, aircraft
  • Oxygen systems for aircraft
  • Panel assemblies (hydromatic propeller test stands), aircraft
  • Pontoons, aircraft
  • Propeller alining tables
  • Propellers, variable and fixed pitch and parts-aircraft
  • Pumps, propeller feathering
  • Refueling equipment, airplane: for use in night
  • Research and development on aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment
  • Roto-blades for helicopters
  • Rudders, aircraft
  • Seat ejector devices, aircraft
  • Spinners, aircraft propeller
  • Stabilizers, aircraft
  • Target drones, aircraft
  • Targets, trailer type: aircraft
  • Tow targets, aircraft
  • Training aids, aircraft: except electronic
  • Transmissions, aircraft
  • Turret test fixtures, aircraft
  • Turrets and turret drives, aircraft
  • Wheels, aircraft
  • Wing assemblies and parts, aircraft

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3728 - Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete aircraft are classified in SIC Code - 3721; those manufacturing aircraft engines and parts are classified in SIC Code - 3724; those manufacturing aeronautical instruments are classified in SIC Code - 3812; those manufacturing aircraft engine electrical (aeronautical electrical) equipment are classified in SIC Code - 3694; and those manufacturing guided missile and space vehicle parts and auxiliary equipment are classified in SIC Code - 3769. Establishments not owned by manufacturers of aircraft parts but primarily engaged in research and development on aircraft parts on a contract or fee basis are classified in Services, Industry 8731.

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Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 3728

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 3728 – Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 372801Aircraft Components (manufacturers)
  • 372802Aircraft Equipment Parts & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 372803Aircraft Machine Work (manufacturers)
  • 372804Aircraft Ground Support & Service Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 372805Aircraft Modifications (manufacturers)
  • 372806Aircraft Parts-Assemblers (manufacturers)
  • 372807Aircraft Flight Training Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 372808Aircraft Oxygen Systems (manufacturers)
  • 372809Aircraft Research & Development (manufacturers)
  • 372810Helicopter-Equip & Parts & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 372811Propellers (airplane Manufacturers)
  • 372812Refueling Systems (manufacturers)
  • 372813Pilots Equipment & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 372814Aircraft Industrial Fasteners (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3728001Aircraft Equipment Parts & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3728002Aircraft Components (manufacturers)
  • 3728003Aircraft Body Parts & Equipment
  • 3728004Military Aircraft Parts & Equipment
  • 3728005Aircraft Body & Wing Assemblies & Parts
  • 3728006Aircraft Machine Work (manufacturers)
  • 3728007Ailerons, Aircraft
  • 3728008Aircraft Ground Support & Services Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3728009Airframe Assemblies (except For Guided Missiles)
  • 3728010Aircraft Modifications (manufacturers)
  • 3728011Bodies, Aircraft
  • 3728012Aircraft Parts-Assemblers (manufacturers)
  • 3728013Elevators, Aircraft
  • 3728014Aircraft Research & Development (manufacturers)
  • 3728015Empennage Assemblies & Parts-Aircraft
  • 3728016Helicopter-Equipment & Parts & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3728017Pilots Equipment & Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3728018Flaps, Aircraft Wing
  • 3728019Aircraft Industrial Fasteners (manufacturers)
  • 3728020Fuel Tanks, Aircraft
  • 3728021Nacelles, Aircraft
  • 3728022Pontoons, Aircraft
  • 3728023Rudders, Aircraft
  • 3728024Stabilizers, Aircraft
  • 3728025Wing Assemblies & Parts, Aircraft
  • 3728026Propellers-Airplane (manufacturers)
  • 3728027Accumulators, Aircraft Propeller
  • 3728028Adapter Assemblies, Hydromatic Propeller
  • 3728029Aircraft Power Transmission Equipment
  • 3728030Blades, Aircraft Propeller-Metal Or Wood
  • 3728031Gears, Aircraft Power Transmission
  • 3728032Governors, Aircraft Propeller Feathering
  • 3728033Hubs, Aircraft Propeller
  • 3728034Propeller Aligning Tables
  • 3728035Pumps, Propeller Feathering
  • 3728036Roto-Blades For Helicopters
  • 3728037Spinners, Aircraft Propeller
  • 3728038Aircraft Landing Assemblies & Brakes
  • 3728039Aircraft Arresting Device System
  • 3728040Airplane Brake Expanders
  • 3728041Alighting-Landing Gear Assemblies
  • 3728042Brakes, Aircraft
  • 3728043Dive Brakes, Aircraft
  • 3728044Landing Skis & Tracks, Aircraft
  • 3728045Wheels, Aircraft
  • 3728046Aircraft Armament (except Guns)
  • 3728047Bomb Racks, Aircraft
  • 3728048Countermeasure Dispensers, Aircraft
  • 3728049Turret Test Fixtures, Aircraft
  • 3728050Aircraft Flight Training Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3728051Link Trainers-Aircraft Training Mechanisms
  • 3728052Target Drones
  • 3728053Targets-Trailer Type-Aircraft
  • 3728054Tow Targets
  • 3728055Beaching Gear, Aircraft
  • 3728056Deicing Equipment, Aircraft
  • 3728057Dusting & Spraying Equipment, Aircraft
  • 3728058Dynetric Balancing Stands, Aircraft
  • 3728059Aircraft Oxygen Systems (manufacturers)
  • 3728060Panel Assembly-Aircraft
  • 3728061R & D By Manufacturers, Aircraft Parts & Auxiliary Equipment
  • 3728062Refueling Systems (manufacturers)
  • 3728063Seat Ejector Devices, Aircraft

8-digit SIC

  • 37280000Aircraft Parts And Equipment, Nec
  • 37280100Aircraft Body And Wing Assemblies And Parts
  • 37280101Ailerons, Aircraft
  • 37280102Aircraft Body Assemblies And Parts
  • 37280103Airframe Assemblies, Except For Guided Missiles
  • 37280104Bodies, Aircraft
  • 37280105Elevators, Aircraft
  • 37280106Empennage (tail) Assemblies And Parts, Aircraft
  • 37280108Flaps, Aircraft Wing
  • 37280109Fuel Tanks, Aircraft
  • 37280111Nacelles, Aircraft
  • 37280112Pontoons, Aircraft
  • 37280113Rudders, Aircraft
  • 37280114Stabilizers, Aircraft
  • 37280115Wing Assemblies And Parts, Aircraft
  • 37280200Aircraft Propellers And Associated Equipment
  • 37280201Accumulators, Aircraft Propeller
  • 37280202Adapter Assemblies, Hydromatic Propeller
  • 37280203Aircraft Power Transmission Equipment
  • 37280204Blades, Aircraft Propeller: Metal Or Wood
  • 37280205Gears, Aircraft Power Transmission
  • 37280206Governors, Aircraft Propeller Feathering
  • 37280207Hubs, Aircraft Propeller
  • 37280208Propeller Aligning Tables
  • 37280209Pumps, Propeller Feathering
  • 37280210Roto-Blades For Helicopters
  • 37280211Spinners, Aircraft Propeller
  • 37280300Aircraft Landing Assemblies And Brakes
  • 37280301Aircraft Arresting Device System
  • 37280302Airplane Brake Expanders
  • 37280303Alighting (landing Gear) Assemblies, Aircraft
  • 37280304Brakes, Aircraft
  • 37280305Dive Brakes, Aircraft
  • 37280306Landing Skis And Tracks, Aircraft
  • 37280307Wheels, Aircraft
  • 37280400Military Aircraft Equipment And Armament
  • 37280401Aircraft Armament, Except Guns
  • 37280402Bomb Racks, Aircraft
  • 37280404Countermeasure Dispensers, Aircraft
  • 37280405Turret Test Fixtures, Aircraft
  • 37280500Aircraft Training Equipment
  • 37280501Link Trainers (aircraft Training Mechanisms)
  • 37280502Target Drones
  • 37280503Targets, Trailer Type: Aircraft
  • 37280504Tow Targets
  • 37289901Aircraft Assemblies, Subassemblies, And Parts, Nec
  • 37289902Beaching Gear, Aircraft
  • 37289903Deicing Equipment, Aircraft
  • 37289904Dusting And Spraying Equipment, Aircraft
  • 37289905Dynetric Balancing Stands, Aircraft
  • 37289907Oxygen Systems, Aircraft
  • 37289908Panel Assembly (hydromatic Propeller Test Stands), Aircraft
  • 37289909R And D By Manuf., Aircraft Parts And Auxiliary Equipment
  • 37289910Refueling Equipment For Use In Flight, Airplane
  • 37289911Seat Ejector Devices, Aircraft