SIC Code 3812 - Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical Systems and Instruments

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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical systems and instruments. Important products of this industry are radar systems and equipment; sonar systems and equipment; navigation systems and equipment; countermeasures equipment; aircraft and missile control systems and equipment; flight and navigation sensors, transmitters, and displays; gyroscopes; airframe equipment instruments; and speed, pitch, and roll navigational instruments and systems.


SIC Code 3812 - Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical Systems and Instruments is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 1,857 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 223,575 people.

Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3812 - Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical Systems and Instruments are:

  • Acceleration indicators and systems components, aerospace types
  • Air traffic control radar systems and equipment
  • Airborne integrated data systems/flight recorders
  • Aircraft flight instruments
  • Airframe equipment instruments
  • Airspeed instrumentation (aeronautical instruments)
  • Altimeters, aeronautical
  • Angle-of-attack instrumentation
  • Angle-of-yaw instrumentation
  • Artificial horizon instrumentation
  • Automatic pilots
  • Bank and turn indicators and, components (aeronautical instruments)
  • Cabin environment indicators, transmitters, and sensors
  • Compasses, gyroscopic and magnetic except portable
  • Distance measuring equipment (DME), aeronautical
  • Driftmeters, aeronautical
  • Fathometers
  • Glide slope instrumentation
  • Gyrocompasses
  • Gyrogimbals
  • Gyropilots
  • Gyroscopes
  • Heads-up display (HUD) systems, aeronautical
  • Horizon situation instrumentation
  • Hydrophones
  • Inertial navigation systems, aeronautical
  • Infrared homing systems, aeronautical
  • Instrument landing system instrumentation, airborne or airport
  • Light reconnaissance and surveillance systems and equipment
  • Machmeters
  • Missile guidance systems and equipment
  • Nautical instruments
  • Navigational instruments
  • Omnibearing instrumentation
  • Pictorial situation instrumentation
  • Position indicators, airframe equipment: e.g., for landing gear,
  • Radar systems and equipment
  • Radio magnetic instrumentation (RMI)
  • Rate-of-climb instrumentation
  • Sextants, except surveying
  • Sonabuoys
  • Sonar fish finders
  • Sonar systems and equipment
  • Space vehicle guidance systems and equipment
  • Taffrail logs
  • Warfare countermeasures equipment
  • Wheel position indicators and transmitters, aircraft

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3812 - Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical Systems and Instruments that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft engine instruments or meteorological systems and equipment, including weather tracking equipment, are classified in SIC Code - 3829.

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Alternative SIC Code Categories for SIC 3812

For business marketing and targeting purposes, please refer to the Extended SIC Codes (6-digit).

7-digit SIC

  • 3812001Search & Navigation Equipment
  • 3812002Defense Systems & Equipment
  • 3812003Radar Manufacturing & Services
  • 3812004Navigational Systems & Instruments
  • 3812005Sonar Systems & Equipment
  • 3812006Aircraft & Aerospace Flight Instruments & Guidance Systems
  • 3812007Aerospace Industries (manufacturers)
  • 3812008Electronic & Magnetic Field Light & Heat Detection Apparatus
  • 3812009Aircraft Control Systems
  • 3812010Aircraft Flight Instruments
  • 3812011Airspeed Instrumentation-Aeronautical Instruments
  • 3812012Marine Instruments (manufacturers)
  • 3812013Altimeters, Standard & Sensitive
  • 3812014Aircraft Radio Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3812015Artificial Horizon Instrumentation
  • 3812016Radio Direction Finders (manufacturers)
  • 3812017Bank & Turn Indicators & Components
  • 3812018Missile/rocket Instrument/guidance Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3812019Driftmeters, Aeronautical
  • 3812020Missile & Rocket Propulsion Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3812021Electronic Detection Systems-Aeronautical
  • 3812022Missile/rocket Grnd Support Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 3812023Flight Recorders
  • 3812024Simulators & Training Devices (manufacturers)
  • 3812025Glide Slope Indicators
  • 3812026Gyro Gimbals
  • 3812027Gaps Navigation Systems & Services (manufacturers)
  • 3812028Search Detection/navigation Systems/instrument (manufacturers)
  • 3812029Gyroscopes (manufacturers)
  • 3812030Heads-Up Display Systems-Aeronautical
  • 3812031Horizon Flight Indicators
  • 3812032Inertial Guidance Systems
  • 3812033Infrared Object Detection Equipment
  • 3812034Instrument Landing Systems-Airborne Or Ground
  • 3812035Omnibearing Indicators
  • 3812036Position Indicators For Aircraft Equipment
  • 3812037Rate-Of-Climb Instrumentation
  • 3812038Aircraft Control Instruments
  • 3812039Automatic Pilots, Aircraft
  • 3812040Antennas, Radar Or Communications
  • 3812041Binnacles
  • 3812042Compasses & Accessories
  • 3812043Control Receivers
  • 3812044Degaussing Equipment
  • 3812045Space Vehicle Guidance Systems & Equipment
  • 3812046Nautical Instruments
  • 3812047Hydrophones
  • 3812048Sextants
  • 3812049Missile Guidance Systems & Equipment
  • 3812050Warfare Counter-Measure Equipment
  • 3812051Search & Detection Systems & Instruments
  • 3812052Air Traffic Control Systems & Equipment, Electronic
  • 3812053Electronic Field Detection Apparatus-Aeronautical
  • 3812054Magnetic Field Detection Apparatus
  • 3812055Cabin Environment Indicators
  • 3812056Distance Measuring Equipment
  • 3812057Light Or Heat Emission Operating Apparatus
  • 3812058Pictorial Deviation Indicators
  • 3812059Radio Magnetic Instrumentation

8-digit SIC

  • 38120000Search And Navigation Equipment
  • 38120100Aircraft/aerospace Flight Instruments And Guidance Systems
  • 38120101Acceleration Indicators And Systems Components, Aerospace
  • 38120102Aircraft Flight Instruments
  • 38120103Airspeed Instrumentation (aeronautical Instruments)
  • 38120104Altimeters, Standard And Sensitive
  • 38120107Artificial Horizon Instrumentation
  • 38120108Bank And Turn Indicators And Components
  • 38120109Driftmeters, Aeronautical
  • 38120110Electronic Detection Systems (aeronautical)
  • 38120111Flight Recorders
  • 38120112Glide Slope Indicators
  • 38120113Gyro Gimbals
  • 38120116Gyroscopes
  • 38120117Heads-Up Display Systems (hud), Aeronautical
  • 38120118Horizon Flight Indicators
  • 38120119Inertial Guidance Systems
  • 38120120Infrared Object Detection Equipment
  • 38120121Instrument Landing Systems (ils), Airborne Or Ground
  • 38120123Omnibearing Indicators
  • 38120124Position Indicators For Aircraft Equipment
  • 38120125Rate-Of-Climb Instrumentation
  • 38120200Aircraft Control Instruments
  • 38120201Aircraft Control Systems, Electronic
  • 38120202Automatic Pilots, Aircraft
  • 38120300Navigational Systems And Instruments
  • 38120301Antennas, Radar Or Communications
  • 38120302Binnacles (compass Housings)
  • 38120303Compasses And Accessories
  • 38120304Control Receivers
  • 38120305Degaussing Equipment
  • 38120306Radar Systems And Equipment
  • 38120307Sonar Systems And Equipment
  • 38120308Space Vehicle Guidance Systems And Equipment
  • 38120400Nautical Instruments
  • 38120402Hydrophones
  • 38120403Sextants
  • 38120500Defense Systems And Equipment
  • 38120501Missile Guidance Systems And Equipment
  • 38120502Warfare Counter-Measure Equipment
  • 38120600Search And Detection Systems And Instruments
  • 38120601Air Traffic Control Systems And Equipment, Electronic
  • 38120602Detection Apparatus: Electronic/magnetic Field, Light/heat
  • 38120603Electronic Field Detection Apparatus (aeronautical)
  • 38120604Magnetic Field Detection Apparatus
  • 38129901Cabin Environment Indicators
  • 38129902Distance Measuring Equipment
  • 38129903Light Or Heat Emission Operating Apparatus
  • 38129904Pictorial Deviation Indicators
  • 38129905Radio Magnetic Instrumentation