NAICS Code 334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing

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NAICS Code 334310 Description

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment, motor vehicles, and public address and musical instrument amplification. Examples of products made by these establishments are digital video recorders, televisions, stereo equipment, speaker systems, household-type video cameras, jukeboxes, and amplifiers for musical instruments and public address systems.

NAICS Code 334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing is a final level code of the “Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing” Sector. There are 703 companies verified as active in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 10,379 people.

Industry Sector

Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing

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SBA Size Standard

Maximum 750 Employees

Parent Category - 5-digit Level (less specific)

Industry Examples of NAICS 334310

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing are:

  • Amplifiers (e.g., auto, home, musical instrument, public address) manufacturing
  • Automobile radio receivers manufacturing
  • Camcorders manufacturing
  • Car stereos manufacturing
  • Clock radios manufacturing
  • Coin- or card-operated jukebox manufacturing
  • Compact disc players (e.g., automotive, household-type) manufacturing
  • Digital video disc players manufacturing
  • DVD (digital video disc) players manufacturing
  • E-book readers (i.e., dedicated) manufacturing
  • Home stereo systems manufacturing
  • Home tape recorders and players (e.g., cartridge, cassette, reel) manufacturing
  • Home theater audio and video equipment manufacturing
  • Jukeboxes manufacturing
  • Loudspeakers manufacturing
  • Microphones (except broadcast and studio equipment) manufacturing
  • Personal audio and video headsets, including virtual reality headsets, manufacturing
  • Portable stereo systems manufacturing
  • Projection television manufacturing
  • Public address systems and equipment manufacturing
  • Radio headphones manufacturing
  • Radio receiving sets manufacturing
  • Speaker systems manufacturing
  • Tape players and recorders, household-type, manufacturing
  • Television (TV) sets manufacturing
  • TV (television) sets manufacturing
  • VCR (video cassette recorder) manufacturing
  • Video cameras, household-type, manufacturing
  • Video cassette recorders (VCR) manufacturing
  • Video projectors, household-type, manufacturing

Industry Image

Example photo for industry NAICS 334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing. This image represents an activity or product found in this industry.


For some business types, there may be a similar industry to NAICS Code 334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing that is a better classification match. Manufacturing photographic (i.e., still and motion picture) equipment--are classified in NAICS Code 333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing; Manufacturing phonograph needles and cartridges--are classified in NAICS Code 33441 - Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing; Manufacturing auto theft alarms or video-based stadium displays--are classified in NAICS Code 334290 - Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing; and Manufacturing mobile radios, such as citizens band and FM transceivers for household or motor vehicle uses; studio and broadcast video cameras; and cable decoders and satellite television equipment--are classified in NAICS Code 334220 - Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing.

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USA Import, Export, and Balance of Trade

Import (USD)


Export (USD)


Balance of Trade (USD)


Top Countries by U.S. Imports

China $13,608,988,065
Mexico $11,171,538,996
Thailand $1,262,123,994
Japan $1,105,694,575
Taiwan $592,199,025

Top Countries by U.S. Exports

Mexico $3,363,465,253
Canada $2,689,828,853
Japan $376,800,428
Hong Kong $292,094,557
Germany $222,731,983

Countries With Highest Trade Surplus

Canada $2,399,373,556
Hong Kong $194,915,521
Brazil $147,825,093
Paraguay $93,455,750
Netherlands $89,087,352

Countries With Highest Trade Deficit

China -$13,419,221,999
Mexico -$7,808,073,743
Thailand -$1,240,212,394
Japan -$728,894,147
Taiwan -$560,012,928

U.S. Total Import value for NAICS Code 334310 is $31,261,308,812. China, Mexico, and Thailand accounted for the top imports of Audio & Video Equipment in 2018.

U.S. Total Export value for this industry is $9,274,521,057. Mexico, Canada, and Japan accounted for the top exports of Audio & Video Equipment in 2018.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the SBA size standard for NAICS 334310?

    Businesses up to 750 Employees in size are considered small businesses by SBA.

  • How many active businesses operate in NAICS Code 334310?

    There are 703 verified business locations operating primarily in this industry.

  • What was the total revenue for NAICS Code 334310?

    In 2017 the total revenue for Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing was $2,985,928,000

  • What was the annual payroll for NAICS Code 334310?

    In 2017 the annual payroll for Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing was $584,039,000

  • How many people work in NAICS Code 334310?

    The number of reported paid employees is 10,379.