SIC Code 3679 - Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified

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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic components, not elsewhere classified, such as receiving antennas, switches, and waveguides.


SIC Code 3679 - Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Division. There are 1,932 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 153,216 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 3679 - Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified are:

  • Antennas, receiving: automobile, home, and portable
  • Antennas, satellite: home type
  • Attenuators
  • Commutators, electronic
  • Cores, magnetic
  • Cryogenic cooling devices (e.g., cryostats) for infrared detectors and
  • Crystals and crystal assemblies, radio
  • Delay lines
  • Harness assemblies for electronic use: wire and cable
  • Headphones, radio
  • Heads, recording for speech and musical equipment
  • Hermetic seals for electronic equipment
  • Impedance conversion units, high frequency
  • Liquid crystal displays
  • Loads, electronic
  • Microwave components
  • Oscillators, except laboratory type
  • Parametric amplifiers
  • Passive repeaters
  • Phonograph needle cartridges
  • Phonograph needles
  • Piezoelectric crystals
  • Power supplies, static, and variable frequency
  • Pulse forming networks
  • Quartz crystals for electronic application
  • Recording and playback heads, magnetic
  • Recording heads for speech and musical equipment
  • Rectifiers, electronic: except solid-state
  • Resonant reed devices, electronic
  • Rheostats, electronic
  • Sockets, electronic tube
  • Solenoids for electronic applications
  • Static power supply converters for electronic applications
  • Step positioners for transmitting equipment
  • Styli, phonograph record cutting
  • Switches, electronic
  • Switches, stepping
  • Transducers for use in measuring and testing instruments and
  • Tube retainers, electronic
  • Tube spacers, mica
  • Tube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes
  • Video triggers, except remote control television devices
  • Voice controls
  • Waveguides and fittings

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 3679 - Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified that is a better classification match. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing radio and television transmitting antennas are classified in Industry 3663.

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Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 3679

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 3679 – Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 367901Electronic Equipment &supplies (manufacturers)
  • 367903Quartz (manufacturers)
  • 367904Antennas (manufacturers)
  • 367905Electronic Instruments (manufacturers)
  • 367906Electronic Power Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 367907Rectifiers (manufacturers)
  • 367908Transducers (manufacturers)
  • 367909Satellite Dish (manufacturers)
  • 367910Seals-Hermetic (manufacturers)
  • 367911Television Antenna Systems (manufacturers)
  • 367912Crystal Quartz (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3679001Electronic Equipment &supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3679002Electronic Circuits
  • 3679003Harness Assemblies
  • 3679004Microwave Components
  • 3679005Static Power Supplies
  • 3679006Electronic Switches
  • 3679007Antennas, Satellite-Household Use
  • 3679008Electronic Power Supplies (manufacturers)
  • 3679009Recording & Playback Apparatus
  • 3679010Liquid Crystal Displays
  • 3679011Attenuators
  • 3679012Quartz (manufacturers)
  • 3679013Commutators, Electronic
  • 3679014Delay Lines
  • 3679015Electronic Instruments (manufacturers)
  • 3679016Satellite Dish (manufacturers)
  • 3679017Impedance Conversion Units, High Frequency
  • 3679018Television Antenna Systems (manufacturers)
  • 3679019Passive Repeaters
  • 3679020Pulse Forming Networks
  • 3679021Rectifiers (manufacturers)
  • 3679022Rheostats, For Electronic End Products
  • 3679023Solenoids For Electronic Applications
  • 3679024Transducers (manufacturers)
  • 3679025Waveguides & Fittings
  • 3679026Phonograph Needle Cartridges
  • 3679027Phonograph Needles
  • 3679028Recording & Playback Heads, Magnetic
  • 3679029Recording Heads, Speech & Musical Equipment
  • 3679030Loads, Electronic
  • 3679031Oscillators
  • 3679032Static Power Supply Converters For Electronic Applications
  • 3679033Electronic Crystals
  • 3679034Crystals & Crystal Assemblies, Radio
  • 3679035Piezoelectric Crystals
  • 3679036Crystal Quartz (manufacturers)
  • 3679037Step Positioners, For Transmitting Equipment
  • 3679038Switches, Stepping
  • 3679039Video Triggers (except Remote Control Tv Devices)
  • 3679040Antennas (manufacturers)
  • 3679041Cores, Magnetic
  • 3679042Cryogenic Cooling Devices For Infrared Detectors, Masers
  • 3679043Headphones, Radio
  • 3679044Seals-Hermetic (manufacturers)
  • 3679045Parametric Amplifiers
  • 3679046Resonant Reed Devices, Electronic
  • 3679047Sockets, Electronic Tube
  • 3679048Tube Retainers, Electronic
  • 3679049Tube Spacers, Mica
  • 3679050Tube Transformer Assemblies Used In Firing Electronic Tubes
  • 3679051Voice Controls

8-digit SIC

  • 36790000Electronic Components, Nec
  • 36790100Electronic Circuits
  • 36790101Attenuators
  • 36790102Commutators, Electronic
  • 36790103Delay Lines
  • 36790104Impedance Conversion Units, High Frequency
  • 36790105Microwave Components
  • 36790106Passive Repeaters
  • 36790107Pulse Forming Networks
  • 36790108Rectifiers, Electronic
  • 36790109Rheostats, For Electronic End Products
  • 36790110Solenoids For Electronic Applications
  • 36790111Transducers, Electrical
  • 36790112Waveguides And Fittings
  • 36790200Recording And Playback Apparatus, Including Phonograph
  • 36790201Phonograph Needle Cartridges
  • 36790202Phonograph Needles
  • 36790203Recording And Playback Heads, Magnetic
  • 36790204Recording Heads, Speech And Musical Equipment
  • 36790300Electronic Loads And Power Supplies
  • 36790301Loads, Electronic
  • 36790302Oscillators
  • 36790303Power Supplies, All Types: Static
  • 36790304Static Power Supply Converters For Electronic Applications
  • 36790400Electronic Crystals
  • 36790401Crystals And Crystal Assemblies, Radio
  • 36790402Piezoelectric Crystals
  • 36790403Quartz Crystals, For Electronic Application
  • 36790500Electronic Switches
  • 36790501Step Positioners, For Transmitting Equipment
  • 36790502Switches, Stepping
  • 36790503Video Triggers, Except Remote Control Tv Devices
  • 36799901Antennas, Receiving
  • 36799902Antennas, Satellite: Household Use
  • 36799903Cores, Magnetic
  • 36799904Cryogenic Cooling Devices For Infrared Detectors, Masers
  • 36799905Harness Assemblies, For Electronic Use: Wire Or Cable
  • 36799906Headphones, Radio
  • 36799907Hermetic Seals, For Electronic Equipment
  • 36799908Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd)
  • 36799909Parametric Amplifiers
  • 36799910Resonant Reed Devices, Electronic
  • 36799911Sockets, Electronic Tube
  • 36799912Tube Retainers, Electronic
  • 36799913Tube Spacers, Mica
  • 36799914Tube Transformer Assemblies Used In Firing Electronic Tubes
  • 36799915Voice Controls