SIC Code 5311 Department Stores


Retail Trade


Retail stores generally carrying a general line of apparel, such as suits, coats, dresses, and furnishings; home furnishings, such as furniture, floor coverings, curtains, draperies, linens, and major household appliances; and housewares, such as table and kitchen appliances, dishes, and utensils. These stores must carry men's and women's apparel and either major household appliances or other home furnishings. These and other merchandise lines are normally arranged in separate sections or departments with the accounting on a departmentalized basis. The departments and functions are integrated under a single management. The stores usually provide their own charge accounts, deliver merchandise, and maintain open stocks. These stores normally have 50 employees or more.

Cross References

Establishments which sell a similar range of merchandise with less than 50 employees are classified in Industry 5399. Establishments which do not carry these general lines of merchandise are classified according to their primary activity.

Illustrative Examples

Department stores-retail

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 531101Resident Buyers
  • 531102Department Stores
  • 531104Retail Shops
  • 531108Home & Personal Care Products
  • 531109Merchandise Marts
  • 531110Wholesale Clubs

7-digit SIC

  • 5311001Department Stores
  • 5311002Discount Department Store
  • 5311003Non-discount Department Stores
  • 5311004Resident Buyers
  • 5311005Retail Shops
  • 5311006Home & Personal Care Products
  • 5311007Merchandise Marts
  • 5311008Wholesale Clubs

8-digit SIC

  • 53110000Department Stores
  • 53119901Department Stores, Discount
  • 53119902Department Stores, Non-discount
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:65288

Est. Employment:2093626