SIC Code 3953 Marking Devices




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber and metal hand-stamps, dies, and seals; steel letters and figures; and stencils for use in painting or marking.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing felt tip markers are classified in Industry 3951.

Illustrative Examples

  • Dies, hand seal
  • Figures (marking devices), metalHand stamps, stencils, and brandsIrons, marking or brandingLetters (marking devices), metalNumbering stamps, with rubber type: handPads, inking and stampingPaper stencilsPrinting dies, rubberScreens, textile printingSeal presses, notary, handSeals, hand (dies)Stamps, hand: time, date, postmark, cancelling, shoe, andStencils for use in painting and marking: e.g., metal, cardboard

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 395301Rubber Stamps Mfg' Equip & Suppliess (mfrs)
  • 395302Branding Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 395303Marking Devices (manufacturers)
  • 395304Rubber Stamps-manufacturers
  • 395305Stamps-manufacturers
  • 395306Stamp Pads (manufacturers)
  • 395307Checks-metal Fiber Etc (manufacturers)
  • 395308Marking Dies (manufacturers)
  • 395309Stampings-non-metallic (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3953001Marking Devices Mfg
  • 3953002Embossing Seals & Hand Stamps
  • 3953003Painting & Marking Stencils
  • 3953004Textile Printing Screens
  • 3953005Rubber Stamps Mfg' Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3953006Canceling Stamps, Hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953007Branding Equipment Mfg
  • 3953008Date Stamps-hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953009Embossing Seals, Corporate & Official
  • 3953010Rubber Stamps Mfg
  • 3953011Stamps Mfg
  • 3953012Numbering Stamps-hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953013Stamp Pads Mfg
  • 3953014Postmark Stamps-hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953015Checks-metal Fiber Etc Mfg
  • 3953016Seal Presses, Notary & Hand
  • 3953017Marking Dies Mfg
  • 3953018Shoe Stamps-hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953019Stampings-non-metallic Mfg
  • 3953020Stationery Embossers, Personal
  • 3953021Textile Marking Stamps-hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953022Time Stamps-hand-rubber Or Metal
  • 3953023Figures-marking Devices
  • 3953024Irons, Marking Or Branding
  • 3953025Letters-metal Marking Devices
  • 3953026Pads, Inking & Stamping
  • 3953027Printing Dies, Rubber Or Plastic, For Marking Machines
  • 3953028Stencil Machines

8-digit SIC

  • 39530000Marking Devices
  • 39530100Embossing Seals And Hand Stamps
  • 39530101Canceling Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39530102Date Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39530103Embossing Seals, Corporate And Official
  • 39530104Numbering Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39530105Postmark Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39530106Seal Presses, Notary And Hand
  • 39530107Shoe Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39530108Stationery Embossers, Personal
  • 39530109Textile Marking Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39530110Time Stamps, Hand: Rubber Or Metal
  • 39539901Figures (marking Devices), Metal
  • 39539902Irons, Marking Or Branding
  • 39539903Letters (marking Devices), Metal
  • 39539904Pads, Inking And Stamping
  • 39539905Printing Dies, Rubber Or Plastic, For Marking Machines
  • 39539906Screens, Textile Printing
  • 39539907Stencil Machines (marking Devices)
  • 39539908Stencils, Painting And Marking
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