SIC Code 3826 Laboratory Analytical Instruments




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing laboratory instruments and instrumentation systems for chemical or physical analysis of the composition or concentration of samples of solid, fluid, gaseous, or composite material.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing instruments for monitoring and analyzing continuous samples from medical patients are classified in Industry 3845, and from industrial process streams are classified in Industry 3823.

Illustrative Examples

  • Amino acid analyzers, laboratory type
  • Automatic chemical analyzers, laboratory typeChromatographic instruments, laboratory typeColorimeters, laboratory typeCoulometric analyzers, laboratory typeDensitometers, analyticalDifferential thermal analysis instrumentsElectrolytic conductivity instruments, laboratory typeElectron paramagnetic spin type apparatusElectrophoresis instrumentsElemental analyzers (CHNOS)Flame photometersGas analyzers, laboratory typeGas chromatographic instruments, laboratory typeInfrared type analytical instruments, laboratory typeLiquid chromatographic instruments, laboratory typeMagnetic resonance imaging type apparatus, except diagnosticMass spectrometersMass spectroscopy instrumentationMicroprobes: electron, ion, laser, X-rayMicroscopes, electron and protonMoisture analyzers, laboratory typeMonochrometers, laboratory typeNephelometers, except meteorologicalNeutron activation analysis instrumentsOsmometersParticle size analyzersPhotometers, except photographic exposure metersPolariscopesPolarizersPolarographic equipmentProtein analyzers, laboratory typeRedox (oxidation-reduction potential) instrumentsRefractometers, laboratorySpecific ion measuring instruments, laboratory typeSpectrofluorometersSpectrographsSpectrometers: electron diffraction, mass, nmr, raman, x-raySpectrophotometers: atomic absorption, atomic emission, flame,Surface area analyzersThermal analysis instruments, laboratory typeThermal conductivity instruments and sensorsThermogravimetric analyzersTitrimetersTurbidometersUltraviolet-type analytical instruments

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 382698Laboratory Analytical Instruments (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3826001Analytical Instruments
  • 3826002Environmental Testing Equipment
  • 3826003Laser Scientific & Engineering Instruments
  • 3826004Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus
  • 3826005Spectroscopic & Other Optical Properties Measuring Equip
  • 3826006Laboratory Analytical Instruments Mfg
  • 3826007Flame Photometers
  • 3826008Hydrogen Ion Equipment, Colorimetric
  • 3826009Infrared Analytical Instruments
  • 3826010Mass Spectrometers
  • 3826011Mass Spectroscopy Instrumentation
  • 3826012Nephelometers (except Meteorological)
  • 3826013Photometers
  • 3826014Polarigraphic Equipment
  • 3826015Polariscopes
  • 3826016Refractometers (except Industrial Process Type)
  • 3826017Spectrographs
  • 3826018Spectrometers
  • 3826019Ultraviolet Analytical Instruments
  • 3826020Analytical Optical Instruments
  • 3826021Borescopes
  • 3826022Microscopes, Electron & Proton
  • 3826023Photomicrographic Apparatus
  • 3826024Liquid Testing Apparatus
  • 3826025Liquid Chromatographic Instruments
  • 3826026Moisture Analyzers
  • 3826027Petroleum Product Analyzing Apparatus
  • 3826028Water Testing Apparatus
  • 3826029Blood Testing Apparatus
  • 3826030Amino Acid Analyzers
  • 3826031Hemoglobinometers
  • 3826032Protein Analyzers, Laboratory Type
  • 3826033Gas Testing Apparatus
  • 3826034Gas Analyzing Equipment
  • 3826035Gas Chromatographic Instruments
  • 3826036Instruments Measuring Magnetic & Electrical Properties
  • 3826037Coulometric Analyzers (except Industrial Process Type)
  • 3826038Electrolytic Conductivity Instruments
  • 3826039Electrophoresis Equipment
  • 3826040Neutron Activation
  • 3826041Instruments Measuring Thermal Properties
  • 3826042Differential Thermal Analysis Instruments
  • 3826043Thermal Analysis Instruments, Laboratory Type
  • 3826044Thermogravimetric Analyzers
  • 3826045Automatic Chemical Analyzers
  • 3826046Chromatographic Equipment, Laboratory Type
  • 3826047Colorimeters-optical Instruments
  • 3826048Dust Sampling & Analysis Equipment
  • 3826049Elemental Analyzers
  • 3826050Integrators
  • 3826051Microprobes
  • 3826052Particle Size Analyzers
  • 3826053Perimeters
  • 3826054Sewage Testing Apparatus
  • 3826055Specific Ion Measuring Instruments
  • 3826056Surface Area Analyzers
  • 3826057Titrimeters

8-digit SIC

  • 38260000Analytical Instruments
  • 38260100Spectroscopic And Other Optical Properties Measuring Equip.
  • 38260101Flame Photometers
  • 38260102Hydrogen Ion Equipment, Colorimetric
  • 38260103Infrared Analytical Instruments
  • 38260104Mass Spectrometers
  • 38260105Mass Spectroscopy Instrumentation
  • 38260106Nephelometers, Except Meteorological
  • 38260107Photometers
  • 38260108Polarigraphic Equipment
  • 38260109Polariscopes
  • 38260111Refractometers, Except Industrial Process Type
  • 38260113Spectrographs
  • 38260114Spectrometers
  • 38260115Ultraviolet Analytical Instruments
  • 38260200Analytical Optical Instruments
  • 38260201Borescopes
  • 38260202Microscopes, Electron And Proton
  • 38260203Photomicrographic Apparatus
  • 38260300Liquid Testing Apparatus
  • 38260302Liquid Chromatographic Instruments
  • 38260303Moisture Analyzers
  • 38260305Petroleum Product Analyzing Apparatus
  • 38260308Water Testing Apparatus
  • 38260400Blood Testing Apparatus
  • 38260401Amino Acid Analyzers
  • 38260402Hemoglobinometers
  • 38260403Protein Analyzers, Laboratory Type
  • 38260500Gas Testing Apparatus
  • 38260501Gas Analyzing Equipment
  • 38260502Gas Chromatographic Instruments
  • 38260600Instruments Measuring Magnetic And Electrical Properties
  • 38260601Coulometric Analyzers, Except Industrial Process Type
  • 38260602Electrolytic Conductivity Instruments
  • 38260604Electrophoresis Equipment
  • 38260605Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus
  • 38260606Neutron Activation
  • 38260700Instruments Measuring Thermal Properties
  • 38260701Differential Thermal Analysis Instruments
  • 38260702Thermal Analysis Instruments, Laboratory Type
  • 38260703Thermogravimetric Analyzers
  • 38269901Automatic Chemical Analyzers
  • 38269902Chromatographic Equipment, Laboratory Type
  • 38269904Colorimeters (optical Instruments)
  • 38269905Dust Sampling And Analysis Equipment
  • 38269906Elemental Analyzers
  • 38269907Environmental Testing Equipment
  • 38269908Integrators (mathematical Instruments)
  • 38269909Laser Scientific And Engineering Instruments
  • 38269910Microprobes
  • 38269911Particle Size Analyzers
  • 38269912Perimeters (optical Instruments)
  • 38269914Sewage Testing Apparatus
  • 38269915Specific Ion Measuring Instruments
  • 38269916Surface Area Analyzers
  • 38269917Titrimeters
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