SIC Code 3651 Household Audio and Video Equipment




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment (including automotive), such as television sets, radio broadcast receivers, tape players, phonographs, and video recorders and players. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing public address systems and music distribution apparatus.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing phonograph records and prerecorded audio tapes are classified in Industry 3652; those manufacturing telephone answering machines are classified in Industry 3661; those manufacturing motion picture reproduction equipment are classified in Industry 3861; and those manufacturing phonograph needles and cartridges are classified in Industry 3679. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing separate cabinets for home electronic equipment are classified in Major Group 25.

Illustrative Examples

  • Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrument
  • Audio recorders and players: automotive and householdClock radio and telephone combinationsClock radiosCoin-operated phonographsDisc players, compactElectronic kits for home assembly: radio and television receiving sets,Home tape recorders: cassette, cartridge, and reelJuke boxesLoudspeakers, electrodynamic and magneticMicrophonesMusic distribution apparatus, except records or tapeMusical instrument amplifiersPhonograph and radio combinationsPhonograph turntablesPhonographs, including coin-operatedPickup heads, phonographPillows, stereoPublic address systemsRadio and phonograph combinationsRadio receiving setsRecording machines, music and speech: except dictation and telephoneSpeaker systemsTape players, householdTape recorders, householdTelevision receiving setsTurntables, for phonographsVideo camera-audio recorders, householdVideo cassette recorders/playersVideo triggers (remote control television devices)

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 365101Recorders-sound/video Equip/supls (mfrs)
  • 365102Loud Speakers-manufacturers
  • 365103Sound Systems & Equipment-manufacturers
  • 365104Automobile Radio & Stereo Systems Mfg
  • 365106Radio Supplies & Parts-manufacturers
  • 365107Speakers-manufacturers
  • 365108Stereophonic & High Fidelity Equip Mfg
  • 365109Tape Recorders/players-sound Mfg
  • 365110Television & Radio-manufacturers
  • 365111Television-manufacturers
  • 365112Video Equipment-manufacturers
  • 365113Video Recorders & Players-manufacturers
  • 365115Amplifiers-manufacturers
  • 365116Television Broadband Digital (mfrs)
  • 365198Household Audio/video Equipment (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3651001Household Audio/video Equipment Mfg
  • 3651002Audio Electronic Systems
  • 3651003Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment
  • 3651004Speakers Mfg
  • 3651005Household Audio Equipment
  • 3651006Amplifiers Mfg
  • 3651007Coin-operated Phonographs, Juke Boxes
  • 3651008Recorders-sound/video Equipment Supplies Mfg
  • 3651009Compact Disk Players
  • 3651010Automobile Radio & Stereo Systems Mfg
  • 3651011Fm & Am Radio Tuners
  • 3651012Radio Supplies & Parts Mfg
  • 3651013Loud Speakers Mfg
  • 3651014Microphones
  • 3651015Stereophonic & High Fidelity Equipment Mfg
  • 3651016Tape Recorders/players-sound Mfg
  • 3651017Music Distribution Apparatus
  • 3651018Television & Radio Mfg
  • 3651019Sound Systems & Equipment Mfg
  • 3651020Video Equipment Mfg
  • 3651021Video Recorders & Players Mfg
  • 3651022Phonographs
  • 3651023Television Broadband Digital Mfg
  • 3651024Pillows, Stereo
  • 3651025Public Address Systems
  • 3651026Radio Receiving Sets
  • 3651027Recording Machines (except Dictation & Telephone Answering)
  • 3651028Sound Reproducing Equipment
  • 3651029Speaker Monitors
  • 3651030Tape Players, Household Use
  • 3651031Tape Recorders-cassette, Cartridge Or Reel-household Use
  • 3651032Household Video Equipment
  • 3651033Television Mfg
  • 3651034Video Camera-audio Recorders, Household Use
  • 3651035Video Cassette Recorders/players & Accessories
  • 3651036Video Triggers
  • 3651037Electronic Kits For Home Assembly-radio, Tv, Phonograph
  • 3651038Pickup Heads, Phonograph

8-digit SIC

  • 36510000Household Audio And Video Equipment
  • 36510100Household Audio Equipment
  • 36510101Amplifiers: Radio, Public Address, Or Musical Instrument
  • 36510102Audio Electronic Systems
  • 36510105Coin-operated Phonographs, Juke Boxes
  • 36510106Compact Disk Players
  • 36510107Fm And Am Radio Tuners
  • 36510108Loudspeakers, Electrodynamic Or Magnetic
  • 36510109Microphones
  • 36510110Music Distribution Apparatus
  • 36510111Phonograph And Radio Combinations
  • 36510113Phonographs
  • 36510114Pillows, Stereo
  • 36510115Public Address Systems
  • 36510116Radio Receiving Sets
  • 36510117Recording Machines, Except Dictation And Telephone Answering
  • 36510118Sound Reproducing Equipment
  • 36510119Speaker Monitors
  • 36510120Speaker Systems
  • 36510121Tape Players, Household Use
  • 36510122Tape Recorders: Cassette, Cartridge Or Reel: Household Use
  • 36510200Household Video Equipment
  • 36510201Television Receiving Sets
  • 36510202Video Camera-audio Recorders, Household Use
  • 36510203Video Cassette Recorders/players And Accessories
  • 36510204Video Triggers (remote Control Tv Devices)
  • 36519901Electronic Kits For Home Assembly: Radio, Tv, Phonograph
  • 36519902Home Entertainment Equipment, Electronic, Nec
  • 36519903Pickup Heads, Phonograph
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:1225

Est. Employment:10462