SIC Code 3271 Concrete Block and Brick




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete building block and brick from a combination of cement and aggregate.

Cross References

Contractors engaged in concrete construction work are classified inDivision C, Construction, and establishments primarily engaged in mixing and delivering ready-mixed concrete are classified in Industry 3273

Illustrative Examples

  • Architecture block concrete: e.g. fluted, screen, split, slump,
  • Blocks, concrete and cinder
  • Brick, concrete
  • Paving block, concrete
  • Plinth blocks, precast terrazzo

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 327101Concrete-block & Brick (manufacturers)
  • 327102Cinder Blocks (manufacturers)

7-digit SIC

  • 3271001Concrete-block & Brick Mfg
  • 3271002Concrete Or Cinder Blocks
  • 3271003Concrete Landscape Or Retaining Wall Blocks
  • 3271004Concrete Brick
  • 3271005Concrete Paving Blocks
  • 3271006Cinder Blocks Mfg
  • 3271007Architectural Concrete-block, Split, Fluted, Screen, Etc
  • 3271008Blocks-concrete-acoustical
  • 3271009Blocks-concrete-chimney Or Fireplace
  • 3271010Blocks-concrete-drystack Interlocking
  • 3271011Blocks-concrete-glazed Face
  • 3271012Blocks-concrete-heat Absorbing
  • 3271013Blocks-concrete-insulating
  • 3271014Plinth Blocks, Precast Terrazzo
  • 3271015Sewer & Manhole Block, Concrete

8-digit SIC

  • 32710000Concrete Block And Brick
  • 32719901Architectural Concrete: Block, Split, Fluted, Screen, Etc.
  • 32719902Blocks, Concrete Or Cinder: Standard
  • 32719903Blocks, Concrete: Acoustical
  • 32719904Blocks, Concrete: Chimney Or Fireplace
  • 32719905Blocks, Concrete: Drystack Interlocking
  • 32719906Blocks, Concrete: Glazed Face
  • 32719907Blocks, Concrete: Heat Absorbing
  • 32719908Blocks, Concrete: Insulating
  • 32719909Blocks, Concrete: Landscape Or Retaining Wall
  • 32719911Brick, Concrete
  • 32719912Paving Blocks, Concrete
  • 32719913Plinth Blocks, Precast Terrazzo
  • 32719915Sewer And Manhole Block, Concrete
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:566

Est. Employment:7286