SIC Code 2426 Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hardwood dimension lumber and workings therefrom; and other hardwood dimension, semi-fabricated or ready for assembly; hardwood flooring; and wood frames for household furniture.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing stairwork, molding, and trim are classified inIndustry 2431; and those manufacturing textile machinery bobbins, picker sticks, and shuttles are classified in Industry 3552.

Illustrative Examples

  • Blanks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machinery
  • Blocks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machinery
  • Bobbin blocks and blanks, wood
  • Brush blocks, wood: turned and shaped
  • Carvings, furniture: wood
  • Chair frames for upholstered furniture, wood
  • Chair seats, hardwood
  • Dimension, hardwood
  • Flooring, hardwood
  • Frames for upholstered furniture, wood
  • Furniture dimension stock, hardwood
  • Furniture squares, hardwood
  • Furniture turnings and carvings, wood
  • Gun stocks, wood
  • Handle blanks, wood
  • Handle stock, sawed or planed
  • Lumber, hardwood dimension
  • Parquet flooring, hardwood
  • Picker stick blanks
  • Rounds or rungs, ladder and furniture: hardwood
  • Shuttle blocks: hardwood
  • Spool blocks and blanks, wood
  • Stock, chair: hardwood-turned, shaped, or carved
  • Table slides, for extension tables: wood
  • Turnings, furniture: wood
  • Vehicle stock, hardwood

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 242601Furniture Frames (manufacturers)
  • 242602Wood-turning (mfrs)
  • 242603Floor Materials-manufacturers
  • 242604Hardwood Flooring (mfrs)
  • 242605Gunstock-manufacturers
  • 242606Bench Drawers & Legs-manufacturers
  • 242607Furniture Legs-manufacturers
  • 242608Stair Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 242609Furniture Components (manufacturers)
  • 242698Hardwood Dimension-flooring Mills (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2426001Hardwood Dimension-flooring Mills Mfg
  • 2426002Hardwood Flooring Mfg
  • 2426003Hardwood Furniture Stock & Parts
  • 2426004Wood Furniture Carvings
  • 2426005Hardwood Dimension Lumber
  • 2426006Furniture Frames Mfg
  • 2426007Hardwood Chair Seats
  • 2426008Floor Materials Mfg
  • 2426009Bench Drawers & Legs Mfg
  • 2426010Hardwood Furniture Dimension Stock
  • 2426011Furniture Legs Mfg
  • 2426012Hardwood Furniture Squares
  • 2426013Stair Equipment Mfg
  • 2426014Hardwood Furniture Rounds Or Rungs
  • 2426015Furniture Components Mfg
  • 2426016Turned, Shaped Or Carved Hardwood Stock & Chair
  • 2426017Wood Extension Table Slides
  • 2426018Wood-turning Mfg
  • 2426019Hardwood Blocks & Blanks
  • 2426020Bowling Pin & Handle Wood Blanks
  • 2426021Bowling Pin & Handle Wood Blocks
  • 2426022Wood Bobbin Blocks & Blanks
  • 2426023Turned & Shaped Wood Brush Blocks
  • 2426024Hardwood Shuttle Blocks
  • 2426025Gun, Handle & Vehicle Stocks
  • 2426026Gunstock Mfg
  • 2426027Sawed Or Planed Handle Stock
  • 2426028Hardwood Vehicle Stock
  • 2426029Hardwood Textile Machinery Accessories
  • 2426030Textile Machinery Accessories-wood Blanks
  • 2426031Textile Machinery Accessories-wood Blocks
  • 2426032Hardwood Dimension
  • 2426033Hardwood Parquet Flooring
  • 2426034Hardwood Dimension & Flooring Mills

8-digit SIC

  • 24260000Hardwood Dimension And Flooring Mills
  • 24260100Furniture Stock And Parts, Hardwood
  • 24260101Carvings, Furniture: Wood
  • 24260102Chair Seats, Hardwood
  • 24260103Frames For Upholstered Furniture, Wood
  • 24260104Furniture Dimension Stock, Hardwood
  • 24260105Furniture Squares, Hardwood
  • 24260106Rounds Or Rungs, Furniture: Hardwood
  • 24260107Stock, Chair, Hardwood: Turned, Shaped, Or Carved
  • 24260108Table Slides, For Extension Tables: Wood
  • 24260109Turnings, Furniture: Wood
  • 24260200Blocks And Blanks, Hardwood
  • 24260201Blanks, Wood: Bowling Pins, Handles, Etc.
  • 24260202Blocks, Wood: Bowling Pins, Handles, Etc.
  • 24260203Bobbin Blocks And Blanks, Wood
  • 24260204Brush Blocks, Wood: Turned And Shaped
  • 24260206Shuttle Blocks, Hardwood
  • 24260300Stocks: Gun, Handle, Vehicle, Etc.
  • 24260301Gun Stocks, Wood
  • 24260302Handle Stock, Sawed Or Planed
  • 24260303Vehicle Stock, Hardwood
  • 24260400Textile Machinery Accessories, Hardwood
  • 24260401Blanks, Wood: Textile Machinery Accessories
  • 24260402Blocks, Wood: Textile Machinery Accessories
  • 24269901Dimension, Hardwood
  • 24269902Flooring, Hardwood
  • 24269903Lumber, Hardwood Dimension
  • 24269904Parquet Flooring, Hardwood