SIC Code 2258 Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills




Establishments primarily engaged in knitting, dyeing, or finishing warp (flat) knit fabrics, or in manufacturing, dyeing, or finishing lace goods.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bed sets, lace
  • Cloth, warp knit-mitse
  • Covers, lace: chair, dresser, piano, and table
  • Curtains and curtain fabrics, lace
  • Dyeing and finishing lace goods
  • Dyeing and finishing warp knit fabrics
  • Edgings, lace
  • Fabrics, warp knit-mitse
  • Finishing of warp knit fabrics
  • Galloons, lace
  • Knit fabrics, warp: knitting, dyeing, or finishing
  • Lace goods: curtains, bedspreads, table covers, flouncings
  • Lace, knit
  • Laces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham
  • Mosquito netting, warp knit-mitse
  • Netting made on a lace or net machine
  • Netting, knit-mitse
  • Pile fabrics, warp knit
  • Tricot fabrics
  • Warp (flat) knit fabrics
  • Key:mitse - Made in the Same Establishment

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 225801Knitted Fabrics (manufacturers)
  • 225802Knit Goods-processing & Dyeing (mfrs)
  • 225898Lace & Warp Knit Fabric Mills (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2258001Lace & Warp Knit Fabric Mills Mfg
  • 2258002Lace & Lace Products
  • 2258003Knitted Fabrics Mfg
  • 2258004Lace Bedspreads
  • 2258005Lace Covers
  • 2258006Lace Curtains & Curtain Fabrics
  • 2258007Lace Edgings
  • 2258008Knit Lace Nec
  • 2258009Barmen, Bobbinet, Levers & Nottingham Laces
  • 2258010Warp & Flat Knit Products
  • 2258011Warp Knit Cloth
  • 2258012Warp Knit Fabric Finishing
  • 2258013Warp Or Flat Knit Pile Fabrics
  • 2258014Tricot Fabrics
  • 2258015Net & Netting Products
  • 2258016Warp Knit Mosquito Netting
  • 2258017Knit Netting
  • 2258018Knit Goods-processing & Dyeing Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 22580000Lace And Warp Knit Fabric Mills
  • 22580100Lace And Lace Products
  • 22580102Bedspreads, Lace: Made On Lace Machines
  • 22580103Covers, Lace: Chair, Dresser, Piano, And Table
  • 22580104Curtains And Curtain Fabrics, Lace
  • 22580105Edgings, Lace
  • 22580107Lace, Knit, Nec
  • 22580108Laces: Barmen, Bobbinet, Levers, And Nottingham
  • 22580200Warp And Flat Knit Products
  • 22580201Cloth, Warp Knit
  • 22580202Fabric Finishing, Warp Knit
  • 22580203Pile Fabrics, Warp Or Flat Knit
  • 22580204Tricot Fabrics
  • 22580300Net And Netting Products
  • 22580301Mosquito Netting, Warp Knit
  • 22580303Netting, Knit
  • 22589901Dyeing And Finishing Lace Goods And Warp Knit Fabric