NAICS Code 334413 Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing




This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing semiconductors and related solid state devices. Examples of products made by these establishments are integrated circuits, memory chips, microprocessors, diodes, transistors, solar cells and other optoelectronic devices.

Industries Included

  • Diodes, solid-state (e.g., germanium, silicon), manufacturing
  • Fuel cells, solid-state, manufacturing
  • Gunn effect devices manufacturing
  • Hall effect devices manufacturing
  • Hybrid integrated circuits manufacturing
  • Infrared sensors, solid-state, manufacturing
  • Integrated microcircuits manufacturing
  • Laser diodes manufacturing
  • LED (light emitting diode) manufacturing
  • Light emitting diodes (LED) manufacturing
  • Metal oxide silicon (MOS) devices manufacturing
  • Microcontroller chip manufacturing
  • Microprocessor chip manufacturing
  • Monolithic integrated circuits (solid-state) manufacturing
  • MOS (metal oxide silicon) devices manufacturing
  • Optoelectronic devices manufacturing
  • Photoelectric cells, solid-state (e.g., electronic eye), manufacturing
  • Photonic integrated circuits manufacturing
  • Photovoltaic cells manufacturing
  • Photovoltaic devices, solid-state, manufacturing
  • Rectifiers, semiconductor, manufacturing
  • Semiconductor circuit networks (i.e., solid-state integrated circuits) manufacturing
  • Semiconductor devices manufacturing
  • Semiconductor dice and wafers manufacturing
  • Semiconductor memory chips manufacturing
  • Silicon wafers, chemically doped, manufacturing
  • Silicon wave guides manufacturing
  • Solar cells manufacturing
  • Static converters, integrated circuits, manufacturing
  • Thin film integrated circuits manufacturing
  • Thyristors manufacturing
  • Transistors manufacturing
  • Voltage regulators, integrated circuits, manufacturing
  • Wafers (semiconductor devices) manufacturing

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Est. Employment:84250