NAICS Code 238392 Other Nonresidential Building Finishing Contractors




This BLS industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in nonresidential building finishing trade work (except drywall, plaster and insulation work; painting and wall covering work; flooring work; tile and terrazzo work; and finish carpentry work). The nonresidential work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance and repairs.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Finish carpentry-are classified in Industry 23835, Finish Carpentry Contractors.
  • Installing drywall, plaster or insulation-are classified in Industry 23831, Drywall and Insulation Contractors
  • Installing or removing paint or wall coverings-are classified in Industry 23832, Painting and Wall Covering Contractors
  • Setting tile or performing terrazzo work-are classified in Industry 23834, Tile and Terrazzo Contractors
  • Installing or repairing wood floors, resilient flooring, and carpet-are classified in Industry 23833, Flooring Contractors

Illustrative Examples

  • Waterproofing contractors, nonresidential
  • Window shade and blind, nonresidential installation
  • Modular furniture system attachment and installation
  • Drapery fixture (e.g., hardware, rods, tracks), nonresidential installation
  • Concrete coating, glazing, or sealing, nonresidential
  • Closet organizer system installation, nonresidential
  • Trade show exhibit installation and dismantling
  • Fabricating metal cabinets or countertops on site, nonresidential
  • Countertop and cabinet, metal (except residential-type), installation

Industries Included

  • Bath tub refinishing on site, nonresidential
  • Bleacher installation, nonresidential
  • Building fixture and fitting (except mechanical equipment) installation, nonresidential
  • Caulking (i.e., waterproofing) contractors, nonresidential
  • Ceiling, metal, installation, nonresidential
  • Closet organizer system installation, nonresidential
  • Coating concrete structures with plastics, nonresidential
  • Concrete coating, glazing or sealing, nonresidential
  • Countertop and cabinet, metal (except residential-type), installation, nonresidential
  • Dampproofing contractors, nonresidential
  • Drapery fixture (e.g., hardware, rods, tracks) installation, nonresidential
  • Fabrication, metal cabinet or countertop, on site, nonresidential
  • Foundation dampproofing (including installing rigid foam insulation), nonresidential
  • Laboratory furniture and equipment installation, nonresidential
  • Lead lining walls for x-ray room contractors, nonresidential
  • Modular furniture system attachment and installation, nonresidential
  • Office furniture, modular system, installation, nonresidential
  • Panel, metal, installation, nonresidential
  • Partition (e.g., office, washroom), metal, installation, nonresidential
  • Partition, moveable and/or demountable, installation, nonresidential
  • Shelving, metal, constructed on site, nonresidential
  • Spectator seating installation, nonresidential
  • Trade show exhibit installation and dismantling contractors, nonresidential
  • Ventilated wire shelving (i.e., closet organizing-type) installation, nonresidential
  • Vibration isolation contractors, nonresidential
  • Waterproofing contractors, nonresidential
  • Weather stripping installation, nonresidential
  • Weatherproofing concrete, nonresidential
  • Window shade and blind installation, nonresidential