NAICS Code 112990 All Other Animal Production


Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in: (1) raising animals (except cattle, hogs and pigs, poultry, sheep and goats, aquaculture, apiculture, horses and other equines; and fur-bearing animals including rabbits); or (2) raising a combination of animals, with no one animal or family of animals accounting for one-half of the establishment's agricultural production (i.e., value of animals for market).

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Raising cattle, dairy cattle or feeding cattle for fattening: classified in Industry Group 1121, Cattle Ranching and Farming
  • Raising hogs and pigs: classified in Industry Group 1122, Hog and Pig Farming
  • Raising poultry and raising poultry for egg production: classified in Industry Group 1123, Poultry and Egg Production
  • Raising sheep and goats: classified in Industry Group 1124, Sheep and Goat Farming
  • Animal aquaculture: classified in Industry 11251, Aquaculture
  • Raising bees: classified in Industry 112910, Apiculture
  • Raising horses and other equines: classified in Industry 112920, Horses and Other Equine Production
  • Raising fur-bearing animals including rabbits: classified in Industry 112930, Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit Production.

Illustrative Examples

  • Combination animal farming (except dairy, poultry)
  • Bird production (e.g., canaries, parakeets, parrots)
  • Llama production
  • Companion animals production (e.g., cats, dogs)
  • Laboratory animal production (e.g., rats, mice, guinea pigs)
  • Worm production
  • Deer production

Industries Included

  • Alpaca production
  • Aviaries (i.e., raising birds for sale)
  • Aviary (i.e., raising birds for sale)
  • Bird production (e.g., canaries, love birds, parakeets, parrots)
  • Bison production
  • Breeding of pets (e.g., birds, cats, dogs)
  • Buffalo production
  • Cat production
  • Combination livestock farming (except dairy, poultry)
  • Companion animals production (e.g., cats, dogs, parakeets, parrots)
  • Cricket production
  • Deer production
  • Dog production
  • Earthworm hatcheries
  • Elk production
  • General combination animal farming
  • Kennels, breeding and raising stock for sale
  • Laboratory animal production (e.g., guinea pigs, mice, rats)
  • Llama production
  • Raising swans, peacocks, flamingos, or other adornment birds
  • Rattlesnake production
  • Worm production

Industry Leaders