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Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of refrigeration equipment and supplies.


SIC Code 5078 - Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies is a final level code of the “Wholesale Trade” Division. There are 2,579 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 37,549 people.

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Industry Examples

Common types of examples within SIC Code 5078 - Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies are:

  • Beverage coolers - wholesale
  • Cold storage machinery - wholesale
  • Condensing units, refrigeration - wholesale
  • Display cases, refrigerated - wholesale
  • Drinking water coolers, mechanical - wholesale
  • Fixtures, refrigerated - wholesale
  • Ice cream cabinets - wholesale
  • Ice making machines - wholesale
  • Refrigerators, commercial: reach-in and walk-in - wholesale
  • Show cases, refrigerated - wholesale
  • Soda fountain fixtures, refrigerated - wholesale

Industry Image

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to SIC Code 5078 - Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies that is a better classification match. Construction contractors primarily engaged in the installation of refrigeration equipment from their own stock are classified in Construction, Industry 1711.

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Extended SIC Code Categories for SIC 5078

For business marketing and targeting, SIC Codes have been extended to provide more specific classifications within SIC Code 5078 – Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies. Extended SIC Codes are being continuously updated to reflect the current business environment.

6-digit SIC

  • 507801Water Coolers Fountains & Filters Wholesale
  • 507802Refrigerating Equipment Supplies & Parts Wholesale
  • 507803Water Coolers Equipment & Supplies Wholesale
  • 507804Refrigerating Equip-Coml (wholesale)
  • 507805Restaurant Fixtures (wholesale)
  • 507807Ice Cream Cabinets (wholesale)
  • 507808Soda Fountain Equipment (wholesale)
  • 507809Ice Cream Freezers (wholesale)
  • 507810Bar-Equip Fixtures Supplies/custom Made
  • 507811Ice Making Equipment & Machines Wholesale
  • 507812Beer Dispensing & Cooling Equipment Wholesale
  • 507813Bar Supplies (wholesale)
  • 507814Beverage Dispensing Equip/supls Wholesale
  • 507815Coolers-Evaporative-Supls/parts Wholesale
  • 507816Beverage Coolers (wholesale)
  • 507817Coolers-Evaporative Wholesale
  • 507818Marine Refrigeration/ac-Sales/service Wholesale
  • 507819Fountains-Drinking (wholesale)
  • 507820Soda Fountain Equip-Repairing Wholesale
  • 507821Refrigerating Equip-Coml-Used Wholesale
  • 507822Frozen Custard Machines (wholesale)
  • 507823Ice Handling Equipment (wholesale)
  • 507824Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing' Equipment Wholesale
  • 507826Snow Ball Machines (wholesale)
  • 507827Warehouses-Cold Storage-Equipment/supl Wholesale
  • 507828Ice Makers Equip-Home & Office Wholesale
  • 507829Refrigeration Equip-Coml-Renting-Leasing

7-digit SIC

  • 5078001Refrigerating Equipment Supplies & Parts Wholesale
  • 5078002Commercial Refrigerating Equipment
  • 5078003Ice Making Equipment & Machines Wholesale
  • 5078004Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers Wholesale
  • 5078005Commercial Reach-In & Walk-In Refrigerators Wholesale
  • 5078006Motor Vehicles Refrigeration Units Wholesale
  • 5078007Mechanical Drinking Water Coolers Wholesale
  • 5078008Beverage Coolers Wholesale
  • 5078009Refrigerated Display Equipment
  • 5078010Water Coolers Fountains & Filters Wholesale
  • 5078011Display Cases, Refrigerated
  • 5078012Water Coolers Equipment & Supplies Wholesale
  • 5078013Restaurant Fixtures Wholesale
  • 5078014Ice Cream Cabinets Wholesale
  • 5078015Show Cases, Refrigerated
  • 5078016Ice Cream Freezers Wholesale
  • 5078017Soda Fountain Equipment Wholesale
  • 5078018Bar-Equipment Fixtures Supplies/custom Made
  • 5078019Cold Storage Machinery
  • 5078020Beer Dispensing & Cooling Equipment Wholesale
  • 5078021Fixtures, Refrigerated
  • 5078022Bar Supplies Wholesale
  • 5078023Condensing Units, Refrigeration
  • 5078024Beverage Dispensing Equipment Supplies Wholesale
  • 5078025Coolers-Evaporative-Supplies/parts Wholesale
  • 5078026Coolers-Evaporative Wholesale
  • 5078027Marine Refrigeration/ac-Sales/services Wholesale
  • 5078028Fountains-Drinking Wholesale
  • 5078029Soda Fountain Equipment-Repairing Wholesale
  • 5078030Refrigerating Equipment-Coml-Used Wholesale
  • 5078031Frozen Custard Machines Wholesale
  • 5078032Ice Handling Equipment Wholesale
  • 5078033Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing' Equipment Wholesale
  • 5078034Snow Ball Machines Wholesale
  • 5078035Warehouses-Cold Storage-Equipment/supplies Wholesale
  • 5078036Ice Makers Equipment-Home & Office Wholesale
  • 5078037Refrigeration Equipment-Coml-Renting-Leasing

8-digit SIC

  • 50780000Refrigeration Equipment And Supplies
  • 50780100Refrigerated Display Equipment
  • 50780101Display Cases, Refrigerated
  • 50780102Ice Cream Cabinets
  • 50780103Show Cases, Refrigerated
  • 50780200Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers
  • 50780201Beverage Coolers
  • 50780202Drinking Water Coolers, Mechanical
  • 50780203Soda Fountain Equipment, Refrigerated
  • 50780300Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
  • 50780301Cold Storage Machinery
  • 50780302Fixtures, Refrigerated
  • 50780303Refrigerators, Commercial (reach-In And Walk-In)
  • 50789901Condensing Units, Refrigeration
  • 50789902Ice Making Machines
  • 50789903Refrigeration Units, Motor Vehicles