NAICS Code for Property Management

What is the NAICS Code for Property Management?

The Property Management sector comprises businesses primarily engaged in managing residential and nonresidential real estate for others.

NAICS Codes For Property Management Companies

NAICS Code 531312 – Nonresidential Property Managers
NAICS Code 531311 – Residential Property Managers
NAICS Code 531190 – Lessors of Other Real Estate Property
NAICS Code 524126 – Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers
NAICS Code 237210 – Land Subdivision
NAICS Code 921190 – Other General Government Support

Targeted NAICS Property Management Business Lists compiles comprehensive business data and executive contact leads for businesses related to property management mostly falling within NAICS Codes 531312 and 531311. To order a list of companies within these NAICS codes, fill out the Request Form on the right of this page or see our 'Buy Business List' page for more purchasing information. Our data analysts are standing by to assist in your list setup and target marketing.

Property Management Company TypesNAICS Code Property Management Business List

With few exceptions, most property management companies fall within NAICS Codes 531312 and 531311. Below are some of the top requested property management company types and under which NAICS code they are found. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, contact us with questions.

NAICS Code For Commercial Property Management

The NAICS Code for commercial property managers is 531312. The definition for businesses under this code is “establishments primarily engaged in managing nonresidential real estate for others.” There are many categories that fall under commercial property management, all of which use the same NAICS code. These include managing commercial condominiums and commercial real estate property managers’ offices.

NAICS Code For Residential Property Management

By and large the NAICS code for residential property management is 531311. Sub-categories, which all have the same NAICS code include apartment managers’ offices, managing residential condominiums, cooperative apartment managers’ offices, resort or vacation property managers’ offices and others within the residential property management space.

NAICS Code For Real Estate Property Management

The NAICS code for real estate property management is reliant on whether or not the property being managed is residential or commercial. If it’s residential the NAICS code is 531311 and if it’s commercial then the NAICS code is 531312.

NAICS Code For Rental Property Management

Like other forms of property management, the NAICS code for rental property management depends on whether it’s residential or commercial. If it’s residential the NAICS code is 531311 and if it’s commercial then it’s 531312.

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