NAICS Code 333249 - Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

NAICS Code 333249 Description

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial machinery (except agricultural and farm-type; construction and mining machinery; food manufacturing-type machinery; semiconductor making machinery; sawmill, woodworking, and paper making machinery; and printing machinery and equipment).

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NAICS Code 333249 - Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing is a final level code of the “Manufacturing” Sector. There are 713 companies verified as active in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 52,770 people.

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Industry Examples of NAICS 333249

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 333249 - Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing are:

  • Additive manufacturing machinery manufacturing
  • Anodizing equipment manufacturing
  • Beaming machinery for yarn manufacturing
  • Bleaching machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Blow molding machinery for plastics manufacturing
  • Bobbins, textile machinery, manufacturing
  • Boot making and repairing machinery manufacturing
  • Braiding machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Buttonhole and eyelet machinery manufacturing
  • Calendering machinery for plastics manufacturing
  • Calendering machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Camelback (i.e., retreading materials) machinery manufacturing
  • Carbonizing equipment for processing wool manufacturing
  • Carding machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Cement kilns manufacturing
  • Chemical kilns manufacturing
  • Chemical processing machinery and equipment manufacturing
  • Chip placement machinery manufacturing
  • Cigarette making machinery manufacturing
  • Circuit board making machinery manufacturing
  • Circular knitting machinery manufacturing
  • Clayworking and tempering machinery manufacturing
  • Cloth spreading machinery manufacturing
  • Combing machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Compression molding machinery for plastics manufacturing
  • Concrete products forming machinery manufacturing
  • Cordage and rope (except wire) making machines manufacturing
  • Distilling equipment (except beverage), including laboratory-type, manufacturing
  • Drawing machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Drying kilns, lumber, manufacturing
  • Drying machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Dyeing machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Electron tube machinery manufacturing
  • Electroplating machinery and equipment manufacturing
  • Embroidery machinery manufacturing
  • Extruding machinery for plastics and rubber manufacturing
  • Extruding machinery for yarn manufacturing
  • Fermentation equipment, chemical, manufacturing
  • Finishing machinery for textile manufacturing
  • Footwear making or repairing machinery manufacturing
  • Fractionating equipment, chemical, manufacturing
  • Frames for textile making machinery manufacturing
  • Garnetting machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Gas liquefying machinery manufacturing
  • Gemstone processing machinery manufacturing
  • Glass making machinery (e.g., blowing, forming, molding) manufacturing
  • Granulator and pelletizer machinery for plastics manufacturing
  • Hosiery machines manufacturing
  • Injection molding machinery for plastics manufacturing
  • Jacquard card cutting machinery manufacturing
  • Kilns (i.e., cement, chemical, wood) manufacturing
  • Knitting machinery manufacturing
  • Knot tying machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Lace and net making machinery manufacturing
  • Leather working machinery manufacturing
  • Light bulb and tube (i.e., electric lamp) machinery manufacturing
  • Loom bobbins manufacturing
  • Loom reeds manufacturing
  • Looms for textiles manufacturing
  • Loopers for textiles manufacturing
  • Mercerizing machinery manufacturing
  • Metal casting machinery and equipment manufacturing
  • Napping machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Needles for knitting machinery manufacturing
  • Net and lace making machinery manufacturing
  • Optical lens making and grinding machinery manufacturing
  • Petroleum refining machinery manufacturing
  • Picker machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Picker sticks for looms manufacturing
  • Plastics working machinery manufacturing
  • Printer machinery, 3D, manufacturing
  • Printing machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Rectifying equipment, chemical, manufacturing
  • Roving machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Rubber working machinery manufacturing
  • Schiffli machinery manufacturing
  • Sewing machines (including household-type) manufacturing
  • Shoe making and repairing machinery manufacturing
  • Shuttles for textile weaving machinery manufacturing
  • Sieves and screening equipment, chemical preparation-type, manufacturing
  • Silk screens for textile fabrics manufacturing
  • Spindles for textile machinery manufacturing
  • Spinning machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Spools for textile machinery manufacturing
  • Stone working machinery manufacturing
  • Tannery machinery manufacturing
  • Textile finishing machinery (e.g., bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, printing) manufacturing
  • Textile making machinery manufacturing
  • Textile printing machinery manufacturing
  • Texturizing machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Thermoforming machinery for plastics manufacturing
  • Thread making machinery manufacturing
  • Through-hole machinery, printed circuit board loading, manufacturing
  • Tile making machinery (except kilns) manufacturing
  • Tire making machinery manufacturing
  • Tire recapping machinery manufacturing
  • Tire shredding machinery manufacturing
  • Tobacco processing machinery (except farm-type) manufacturing
  • Tufting machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Vulcanizing machinery manufacturing
  • Warping machinery manufacturing
  • Weaving machinery manufacturing
  • Winding machinery for textiles manufacturing
  • Wire and cable insulating machinery manufacturing
  • Wood drying kilns manufacturing
  • Wool and worsted finishing machinery manufacturing
  • Yarn texturizing machines manufacturing
  • Zipper making machinery manufacturing

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USA Import, Export, and Balance of Trade

Import (USD)


Export (USD)


Balance of Trade (USD)


Top Countries by U.S. Imports

Germany $1,658,758,826
China $957,750,475
Japan $640,487,878
Canada $603,169,825
Korea, South $583,229,786

Top Countries by U.S. Exports

Mexico $671,433,218
Canada $658,168,086
China $499,356,229
Taiwan $247,400,715
Germany $242,805,126

Countries With Highest Trade Surplus

Mexico $534,120,182
Belgium $155,491,629
Brazil $71,142,315
Dominican Republic $69,016,616
Philippines $66,965,041

Countries With Highest Trade Deficit

Germany -$1,415,953,700
Italy -$521,111,229
Korea, South -$468,405,246
China -$458,394,246
Japan -$442,258,653

U.S. Total Import value for NAICS Code 333249 is $7,449,271,468. Germany, China, and Japan accounted for the top imports of Other Industrial Machinery in 2018.

U.S. Total Export value for this industry is $4,451,411,137. Mexico, Canada, and China accounted for the top exports of Other Industrial Machinery in 2018.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the SBA size standard for NAICS 333249?

    Businesses up to 500 Employees in size are considered small businesses by SBA.

  • How many active businesses operate in NAICS Code 333249?

    There are 713 verified business locations operating primarily in this industry.

  • What was the total revenue for NAICS Code 333249?

    In 2017 the total revenue for Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing was $14,419,315,000

  • What was the annual payroll for NAICS Code 333249?

    In 2017 the annual payroll for Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing was $3,394,124,000

  • How many people work in NAICS Code 333249?

    The number of reported paid employees is 52,770.