NAICS Code 322110 - Pulp Mills

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NAICS Code 322110 Description

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pulp without manufacturing paper or paperboard. The pulp is made by separating the cellulose fibers from the other impurities in wood or other materials, such as used or recycled rags, linters, scrap paper, and straw.

NAICS Code 322110 - Pulp Mills is a final level code of the “Pulp Mills” Sector. There are 75 companies verified as active in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 8,003 people.

Industry Sector

Pulp Mills

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SBA Size Standard

Maximum 750 Employees

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Industry Examples of NAICS 322110

Common types of examples within NAICS Code 322110 - Pulp Mills are:

  • Deinking plants
  • Deinking recovered paper
  • Groundwood pulp manufacturing
  • Pulp manufacturing (i.e., chemical, mechanical, or semichemical processes) without making paper
  • Pulp manufacturing (made from bagasse, linters, rags, straw, wastepaper, or wood) without making paper
  • Pulp mills not making paper or paperboard
  • Wood pulp manufacturing

Industry Image

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For some business types, there may be a similar industry to NAICS Code 322110 - Pulp Mills that is a better classification match. Manufacturing both pulp and paper--are classified in NAICS Code 322120 - Paper Mills; and Manufacturing both pulp and paperboard--are classified in NAICS Code 322130 - Paperboard Mills.

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USA Import, Export, and Balance of Trade

Import (USD)


Export (USD)


Balance of Trade (USD)


Top Countries by U.S. Imports

Canada $2,016,547,854
Brazil $1,400,235,473
Chile $74,598,394
Sweden $42,821,076
South Africa $26,227,394

Top Countries by U.S. Exports

China $1,573,329,209
Japan $553,573,695
Mexico $553,298,233
Indonesia $341,529,622
Italy $275,878,096

Countries With Highest Trade Surplus

China $1,566,481,941
Japan $553,514,589
Mexico $551,439,609
Indonesia $341,517,259
Italy $275,717,715

Countries With Highest Trade Deficit

Canada -$1,760,807,061
Brazil -$1,326,203,486
Chile -$58,795,191
Norway -$24,935,148
Sweden -$16,258,047

U.S. Total Import value for NAICS Code 322110 is $3,630,073,013. Canada, Brazil, and Chile accounted for the top imports of Pulp Mill Products in 2018.

U.S. Total Export value for this industry is $6,183,478,915. China, Japan, and Mexico accounted for the top exports of Pulp Mill Products in 2018.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the SBA size standard for NAICS 322110?

    Businesses up to 750 Employees in size are considered small businesses by SBA.

  • How many active businesses operate in NAICS Code 322110?

    There are 75 verified business locations operating primarily in this industry.

  • What was the total revenue for NAICS Code 322110?

    In 2017 the total revenue for Pulp Mills was $5,679,217,000

  • What was the annual payroll for NAICS Code 322110?

    In 2017 the annual payroll for Pulp Mills was $702,191,000

  • How many people work in NAICS Code 322110?

    The number of reported paid employees is 8,003.